Mango Classroom

The award-winning language-learning resource that inspires students to start the conversation.


Built to empower teachers

Designed specifically for schools, Mango Classroom is built on Mango Languages’ proven conversation-focused methodology.

Delivering content structured specifically to track skill levels and achievements recognized by local and international standards of proficiency, Mango Classroom is everything you need to streamline lesson planning and transform your language-learning curriculum.

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Teaching Tools

Your 24/7 teaching assistant, Mango Classroom’s built-in tools help organize classes, activities, and assessments, as well as encourage family participation and student engagement.


Upload student lists and organize classes to track progress, follow engagement, and review automatically graded assessments.



Course Guides, Teacher Lesson Plans, and Student Workbooks sync any curricula structure with Mango learning content.


Lesson Deep Linking

Easily direct students to specific lessons for reference, review, and homework through your LMS.


Quizzes and Assessments

Automatically graded exercises for immediate feedback and review.

Features Appropriate To Your Classroom

Mango Classroom for K-12 Educators
Mango Classroom for Academic Educators
All Languages and Units
Course Guides
Lesson Deep Linking
Quizzes & Assessments
Engagement Tracking
Mango Admin Portal
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Family Profiles
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Mobile Apps

For a complete list of our K12 and Higher Education courses, including available content and features, take a look at our K12 and Higher Education Language Courses matrix.

Mango makes a difference

Featured Customer Story

The More, the Merrier

When Clarion Goldfield Dows’ EL population tripled, they found themselves with more non-English speaking students than ever struggling to navigate their environment, with no resources to support them. That’s when they discovered Mango, and knew it would be a perfect fit. Within their first month using Mango, they saw fantastic results: more classroom engagement, parents learning English at home, and students communicating confidently with native English-speakers.

Build confidence and inspire your students with Mango Classroom