Mango for Businesses

The secret to language-learning success for businesses, employees, and their families around the world.


Language Learning Software for Business

Whether you’re doing business globally or locally, you benefit from having employees who can speak more than one language. Innovation, employer brand status, and connectivity will all improve. Your employees benefit as well, especially those working abroad, since they feel less isolated and more grounded in their new environment.

Mango Languages provides a better language-learning approach, and the proven methodology helps your employees master both conversation and culture. With the Mango app, your team can practice everyday language skills, even when they’re on the go.

70 World Languages and Dialects

Mango offers corporate language training in over 70 languages, so whether at home or abroad, your employees can speak the same language as their customers, colleagues, and neighbors.

Skill-Focused English Courses

Mango’s 20 different ESL courses provide a tailored approach that helps learners tackle English more confidently because they’re starting from their native language.

Dedicated Customer Support

Your dedicated Mango Languages customer account representative makes it easy to get everyone in your company on board with business language-learning software.

Desktop and Mobile

Our intuitive desktop and mobile apps use powerful algorithms to adapt to different learning styles, so each team member gets a customized learning experience.

Mango Live

Live language training wherever, whenever.

Virtual language training with qualified instructors.

Transform the way you connect with customers and colleagues.

Ask us about the ways Mango can support language learning in your company.