How it works

Mango Languages provides a self-paced learning program that teaches languages through relevant and topical dialogue using the four key components — vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture — for improving proficiency in another language. Our unique methodology features content and exercises crafted by expert linguists and language teachers that empower learners to comprehend, construct, and create conversations in the real world.

Building blocks that build up your proficiency

Intuitive Language Construction builds proficiency by beginning with a practical, real-life conversation. Each lesson breaks down full sentences into digestible pieces that are gradually rebuilt to reinforce the language structure and vocabulary.

New words are introduced with each conversation and woven into mastered phrases. The result — learners who are equipped to intuitively apply the language they’ve learned and confidently speak like a local.

Relevant learning material

Comprehensive language courses are developed alongside hand-picked native-speaker instructors to ensure every lesson is culturally relevant, grammatically correct, and conversationally accurate.

Learning French, `Bonjor. Ca va?` with color coded literal meaning in English.

Critical-thinking exercises

Practical exercises help learners intuitively grasp the language and apply new concepts to conversations presented later in the course.

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Memory-building exercises

Strategically placed memory-building exercises help users effectively review and retain the material they learn.

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Grammar Notes

While much of the grammar is learned without realizing it, grammar insights are provided throughout the lessons for clarity and structured learning.

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Culture Notes

Relevant cultural insights are built into each lesson to help learners understand the broader context of their new language.

Quality, interactive audio

All course audio is recorded in a professional studio setting to ensure the crystal-clear articulation of the guiding narrator and native speakers throughout the learning experience.

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Understood & Literal Meanings

Direct translations don’t always convey the meaning of a word or phrase, which is why it’s important to recognize understood versus literal meanings.

How audio colormap for learning.

Semantic Color Mapping

Color mapping reveals the relationship between the learner’s target language and native language, providing insight into structure and mechanics.

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Voice Comparison

Pronunciation can be practiced for precision with the ability to record speech and compare it to native-speaker audio.

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Pronunciation practice

Interactive words and phrases provide phonetic prompts and slower, more articulated audio for refining authentic accents.

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