We value our users’ privacy as if it were our own, so to effectively secure user subscription information and increase our transparency, updates have been made to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which affects users located in the European Union (EU) and Citizens or residents of an EU Member Nation, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which affects users located in the State of California. MANGO LANGUAGES DOES NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SELL ANY USER INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD-PARTY. THIS IS MANGO LANGUAGES’ DEFAULT POSITION, AND USERS ARE THEREFORE NOT REQUIRED TO TAKE ANY ACTION TO PREVENT THE SALE OF THEIR INFORMATION, AS SUCH SALES DO NOT EVERY OCCUR.

Some of the changes include:

  • Data Rights Request Form below that gives users located in the EU or California easy access to submit requests for insight into their data protection rights, plus the opportunity to submit requests for actions to be taken by Mango with respect to their data
  • A Toll-Free phone number (877-626-4611) to allow users to submit data related requests.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that now include a clear and concise Data Processing Agreement addendum that defines the minimal data that we do collect and how we use it, as well as how we work with our client organizations to ensure we are supporting their users’ requests for data disclosure and protection.
  • A Clear Opt-in Agreement that appears when users first log in to Mango Languages through any of our learning platforms (iOS and Android apps, web-based access). This is a one-time consent agreement that users may reverse at any time by completing the form below.

What are your options for managing your data?

If you are located in the EU or California and wish to contact us to review, edit, or delete your personal data, simply let our team know what kind of information you are looking for by choosing one of the following options:

  • Receive a copy of the consent I supplied to Mango Languages to allow Mango to collect and use my data
  • Revoke my consent for Mango Languages to collect and use my data (with the understanding that such a request may result in a degraded user experience, or in some cases may not allow Mango to provide service at all. For example, Mango’s user interface is designed to operate by greeting and addressing the user by his or her name. Therefore, if the user declines to provide his or her name, the user experience for that user will be “degraded” in that the user will not see his or her name displayed in the user interface for that user’s profile while using Mango’s courses)
  • Learn more about what data Mango collects and how Mango processes that data and uses it in our systems
  • Request a copy of all of my personal data that Mango has collected/processed
  • Make a correction to my data (Mango has inaccurate data about me in their system)
  • Request that all the data Mango has associated with my account be deleted
  • Request a transfer of my data to another data controller (if technically feasible)

If you would like to exercise any of the options listed above, please either call Mango at (877) 626-4611, or use the form below to submit your data request. A customer service representative will either answer your call directly, or contact you shortly to confirm the details of your submission.

Not located in the EU or California?

These changes will not impact you in any way, but if you are located outside of the EU or California and have questions about your account, please contact support.

Data Request Form

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