GDPR and Mango Languages

What you need to know.

We value our users’ privacy as if it were our own, so to effectively secure user subscription information and increase our transparency, updates have been made to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which affects users located in the European Union (EU).

Some of the changes include:

What are your options for managing your data?

If you are located in the EU and wish to contact us to review, edit, or delete your personal data, simply let our team know what kind of information you are looking for by choosing one of the following options:

Please use the form below to submit your GDPR request. A customer service representative will contact you shortly to confirm the details of your submission.

Not located in the EU?

These changes will not impact you in any way, but if you are located outside of the EU and have questions about your account, click here to contact support.

I would like to: