Transform Language Learning: Unlock the Power of Voice Comparison

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Enhance your students’ pronunciation skills through our diverse set of tools crafted to suit their individual learning preferences. The Voice Comparison tool provides a visual guide, enabling students to compare their pronunciation directly with that of a native speaker. Additionally, Mango courses include phonetic transcriptions and articulated reference audio to help identify various sounds within a word.

Explore the Voice Comparison Tool:

Students’ Recording and Analysis

  • Record and identify pronunciation flaws to refine language skills.
  • Visually compare their pronunciation with a native speaker’s, repeating the process until their waveform aligns with the model.

How it works:

This process not only sharpens their listening skills but also refines their articulation. The visual representation of the waveform allows students to audibly and visually pinpoint areas where their pronunciation diverges from the native speaker’s, providing clear insights into areas for improvement.

Voice Comparison Graphic

Mango Classroom is a cutting-edge digital language learning platform designed to reignite student engagement and simplify language acquisition teaching. Mango Classroom is tailored to meet your program’s needs and offers over 70 world languages, 20+ EL courses, and comprehensive classroom activities and workbooks.

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