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Mango Classroom is an interactive language-learning platform that offers students a fun and engaging way to learn a new language.

Unlock your students’ language potential and embrace the diverse cultural landscape of Texas!

Texas, known for its vibrant and diverse culture, offers a unique opportunity for students to explore a variety of languages and traditions. We designed  our state-of-the-art software to help your students communicate effectively and interact with cultural competence in the Lone Star State’s multilingual communities, and worldwide.

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Our platform provides a wide range of resources, including interactive lessons, quizzes, and more, to make language learning fun and accessible for students of all ages and abilities. We also offer practice with native language speakers, essential for developing authentic language skills and cultural understanding. 

Texas Administrators and Teachers can transform your classrooms into global learning hubs with Mango Classroom. Our platform is perfect for K-12 language educators who want to expose their students to new cultures and languages while fostering a sense of confidence and curiosity in their learning journey.

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As of July 2023, Texas still has over $6 Billion in ARP ESSER funds remaining that may be obligated through 9/30/2024!

Texas schools can use ESSER funds for this program to provide curricular, supplemental, and instructional materials to enhance students’ world language instructional experience and provide teachers with additional resources outside of the typical textbook adoption for use in the Texas classrooms.

$6 Billion in ARP ESSER Funds Remaining

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for World Languages (TEKS)

A recent external audit by EdGate Correlation Services has determined that the materials in the Mango Classroom courses for our top languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese) meet 100% of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for World Languages (TEKS) for Levels 1-4, as well as for the Discovering Languages and Cultures and Special Topics in Language and Culture survey courses. The materials also meet 80% of the standards for Level 5.

100% curriculum alignment in Texas

Mango Classroom Resources

Mango Classroom by Mango Languages is the award-winning language-learning resource crafted exclusively for student engagement and instructor support, empowering learners to start speaking another language with confidence.

Classroom Guides contain chapter Lesson Plans for teachers and Student Workbooks that supplement our world language curricula in our most popular K-12 language courses with targeted vocabulary, grammar, and cultural activities to help reinforce chapter material, build students’ confidence in the language, and develop their fluency.

Quizzes and assessments are automatically graded so students and educators can review results immediately.

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Implementation & Rollout

We’ve got you covered with implementation and rollout. From your first phone call with us to the successful implementation of the Mango learning system into your classroom curriculum, we’re here for you.

Our consultative approach allows for custom integration and personalized support for each individual school, ensuring Mango Classroom meets the specific needs and goals of your staff and students.


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Download The Complete 23-24 Texas Guide to Digital Language Learning!

Won't be able to make it to TFLA this year, or would you prefer to get a sneak peek of our 2023-2024 Complete Texas Guide to Digital Language Learning? Simply click the button below to download it and enjoy a complimentary month of access to explore the functionalities of our digital platform firsthand.


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As an ESL Teacher Leader, I encourage teachers and students to use Mango Languages as a tool for language learning. I think that Mango is very intuitive and user-friendly. I appreciate the attention to pronunciation and the cultural notes that are often lacking in other language programs. Mango offers coursework in over 70 languages, and that is especially important to our diverse learners in Milwaukee Public Schools. I highly recommend Mango Languages.