Exclusive Q&A Workshop

with Dr. Paula Love, the Funding Doctor

February 16 11AM EST

Your language programs qualify to receive thousands of dollars per student.

We know the process is daunting and complex, so we’re giving you exclusive access to Dr. Paula Love, renowned funding expert. You’ll get the information you need to secure K-12 relief funding. Be sure to submit your questions today.

Who is Dr. Love?


Known in the industry as the Matchmaker of Funding or the Funding Doctor, these phrases truly capture the essence of Dr. Paula Love. She has decades of experience delivering grant strategies for nonprofit and for-profit organizations, state and local educational agencies, schools, and institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Love knows funding from every perspective, from the classroom to the boardroom. Her nearly 40-year career has earned her great respect as a highly successful funding guru. Dr. Love is a highly skilled funding consultant with a wealth of insight to offer to every organization she assists, helping to improve processes and efficiencies while uncovering new opportunities for growth.

Why should I attend?

  • Your language programs qualify for these funds! 
  • Nearly $4500 per student is available 
  • You will learn how to locate and access these funds
  • Find out how other districts are accessing relief funds
  • Obtain 1 on 1 guidance on your grant applications

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