Breaking Down Language Barriers at Your Job Site

Is language becoming an obstacle to fostering effective communication in your workplace?

Are productivity and safety compromised due to these language barriers? We have the solution!

In 2019, a study conducted by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages revealed that 40% of construction employers identified a foreign language skill gap within their companies, projecting a 54% increase in the demand for foreign language skills over the upcoming five years.*

* Making Languages Our Business: Addressing Foreign Language Demand Among U.S. Employers

Understanding the Risks

Language barriers often breed inefficiencies and reduced productivity. Constant translation of daily communications for non-native English speaking contractors not only consumes time but also creates stress, obstructing crucial health and safety messages and escalating the risk of severe on-site injuries.

Moreover, these barriers affect employees in various facets including orientation, evaluations, and ongoing training. This leads to underutilization of an employee’s potential within your company.

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Mango Languages: Your Solution

Mango Languages provides a comprehensive digital language platform with a wide range of offerings, including 70+ world languages and over 20 English courses. Our self-paced learning approach prioritizes conversational skills and is bolstered by features such as auto play and offline learning. Experience an expedited learning journey through Mango Live, where native speakers conduct live online instructional sessions.

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Take the First Step

Download our job site English > Spanish Vocab List and schedule a meeting with one of our Mango Language specialists. Discover precisely how Mango Languages can empower your company to break down language barriers and enhance workplace efficiency and safety.

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