5 Benefits to World Language Learning

Close learning gaps, increase academic achievement, support SEL, and more!

Learning to speak another language is just one of many benefits of a world language program.


As your district works to address growing learning gaps in math and reading, and the increasing social-emotional behavior needs of students, a world language program can help advance your efforts.

Giving students the opportunity to master another language not only opens the door to other cultures and experiences but can improve academic performance, strengthen social skills, and even increase post-graduation opportunities.

Download this infographic for an overview of the five key benefits of world language learning and the research that supports them.

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A Turnkey Way to Expand World Language Learning in Your District

Want to provide more language offerings to more students? Mango Classroom empowers students to rapidly learn to speak another language with confidence. Mango uses conversation-based lessons that are engaging, self-paced, interactive, and adaptive to students’ individual learning needs.
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Choose from over 70 languages

Variety of world languages, including Less Commonly Taught Languages, provides choice for exploratory language programs.

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Deepen Learning

Algorithms work behind-the-scenes to provide a personalized path so that students retain what they have learned.


Speak like a local

Interactive tools designed for personalized language acquisition ensure clearer pronunciation from the start, preparing students to earn the Seal of Biliteracy and Pathway Awards.


Align with standards

Course curricula built by our expert linguists compare favorably to ACTFL’s World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

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