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With Mango’s Spanish (Latin American) course, learn Spanish at home and on the go with our desktop, Android, and iOS apps. Wherever your adventure takes you, whether to the Ciudad Perdida [Lost City] in Colombia or to the Yucatán Peninsula, you won’t get lost with Mango’s Spanish (Latin American) course. Start your free trial by creating a profile to track your personal progress through the course.

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How to speak Spanish

Learn everything from how to ask a local for directions to how to rent a hotel room or even a house. With each Spanish (Latin American) lesson, you’ll learn Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture through interactive words and phrases, phonetic pop-ups, and grammar and cultural insights. Mango’s unique Admin Portal tool helps school, library, and business administrators easily track the progress of their learning community.

Mango's Spanish (Latin American) course outline

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Learn Spanish language basics, from common Spanish phrases all the way to more advanced concepts. Explore the unit outlines below to see how you’ll learn Spanish grammar, greetings, and goals so you can confidently speak Spanish like a local. Practice how to say hello in Spanish to start the conversation.

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Latin America's Spanish or Spain’s Castilian Spanish?

While Latin America’s Spanish is spoken across the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, Castilian Spanish is the standard dialect spoken in Spain. When traveling through Madrid, Seville, or Alicante, you’ll hear native Spaniards using different words than Mexicans would, such as the vosotros grammatical form when talking to a group of family or friends, rather than ustedes. Although there are many differences between Spain’s Spanish and Latin America’s Spanish, speakers of either variety can still understand one another. Check out our Spanish (Castilian) course to start learning Castilian Spanish.

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Conduct business in Spanish

Learn practical Spanish with pronunciation support by native speakers to confidently build your conversation skills. Mango’s courses help students to boardroom executives rapidly build language proficiency and cultural understanding by creating their own phrases within a new language structure. Did you know that there are two different ways to say “to transfer” in Spanish, all depending on the context you are using? With Mango’s Business (Spanish, Latin American) course, employees will go beyond greetings and casual conversations and learn how to present, negotiate, and conduct global business for success.

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Build conversation skills around Latin American cultures

Bring more to the dinner conversation by learning to speak about Latin America’s diverse cultures, from political history to the arts, including the former Spanish colonies’ journies to independence, as well as the iconic paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. From drinks and dining to sports and fitness, our practical and engaging Spanish lessons will help you speak Spanish with confidence in just about any conversation. With Mango’s Spanish (Latin American) course, discover how to cheer on your favorite fútbol [soccer] team with your new friends in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Free Spanish resources

Download our Spanish (Latin American) course outline, and check out free resources for learning Spanish, from Spanish videos to Latin American news. Follow @MangoLanguages on your social channels for more tips and tricks on learning a new language.

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Mango’s Spanish, Latin America course outline

Each chapter in Mango’s Spanish (Latin American) course aligns your learning to a set of conversational and grammar goals.

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Mike and Maria's Story: Learning Spanish in Colombia

From love at first sight to raising their daughter, watch how Mike and Maria built a relationship through the Spanish language.

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Improve your conversation skills with American Spanish-language television video clips.

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Collection of Spanish language news sources

Read local Latin American news articles in Spanish to stay current and to improve your vocabulary and reading skills.

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