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Public Libraries

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Higher Education

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Global Mobility

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K-12 Schools

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Punjabi (Pakistani)

This language is spoken in an incredible place that contains every kind of natural landform—waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, deserts, forests—something for everyone! The scenic vistas create the perfect backdrop for the beautiful cities. Pick up a delicious mango in the marketplace, haggle with a local over the price of the pottery, indulge your eyes at a wondrous mosque. The people are friendly and warm wherever you turn. If you are invited to a private home for a feast, don’t forget to say مہربانی (MEHr-baani), which means “thank you”, to your host!

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Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Who are you?


    Who are you?

    • Greet Others and Bid Them Farewell
    • Introduce Yourself Formally
    • Meet New People
    • Conjugate "To Be" in Present Tense for 1st & 2nd Person
    • Identify Subject Pronouns
    • Use the 1st & 2nd (Person) Possessive Pronoun
  • Our Family


    Our Family

    • Ask Questions Regarding Familial Relationships
    • Describe Someone in Relation to Family Members
    • Introduce Someone Else
    • Learn 3rd Person Pronouns
    • Use the 2nd Person Plural Possessive Pronoun
    • Use the Simple Present Tense
  • Getting to Know You


    Getting to Know You

    • Articulate Feelings
    • Describe Physical Characteristics
    • Express Interest
    • Inquire About a Stranger
    • Create Adjective Feminine & Masculine Forms
    • Form the Future Tense
    • Use "To You," "To Her"
    • Use the Infinitive Verb Form
  • There’s No Place Like Home


    There’s No Place Like Home

    • Explain That You Are a Non-Native Speaker
    • Explain Where You Are From
    • Identify Languages and Countries
    • Inquire About Someone’s Ability to Speak a Language
    • Form Questions With "Where"
    • Use the Preposition "From"
  • Where did you study?


    Where did you study?

    • Discuss the Merits of a School
    • Inquire About Programs
    • Use of Present Perfect Tense (Have Heard)
    • Form Possessives
    • Use "To Be" in the Past
    • Use Masculine Forms of Adjectives


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • “How do you say….?”


    “How do you say….?”

    • Provide and Obtain New Information
    • Request New Vocabulary
    • Create the Imperative Form of "To Speak"
    • Form the Question Word kyaa
    • Use "Can/Able to" in the Present Tense
  • Bargaining and Money


    Bargaining and Money

    • Ask the Price for Something
    • Buy a Ticket for Travel
    • Count
    • Negotiate
    • Form Questions With "How Much...?"
    • Use "Would Like" in Present Form
  • In My Closet


    In My Closet

    • Express Future Plans
    • Identify Various Articles of Clothing
    • Question Statements Made by Others
    • Form Questions With "What Kind/ Sort of..."
    • Use the Future Tense of the Verb "Want"
    • Use the Preposition "After"
  • Shop til you Drop


    Shop til you Drop

    • Acquire Necessities
    • Find Places to Shop
    • Gather Information From a Native Speaker
    • Inquire About Shops in the Local Area
    • Create the Phrase "I Don't Know"
    • Use "Excuse me"
    • Use the Past Participle of "Open"
  • Asking the Way


    Asking the Way

    • Ask for and Receive Directions
    • Describe the Location of One Object in Relation to Another
    • Form Questions and Responses With "Where"
    • Use the Polite Imperative Form of the Verbs "Turn" & "Go"
    • Use the Preposition "Near/Close to"


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.