The influence of Polish culture can be witnessed in many corners of the United States, as a great number of Americans can say that they have at least a little Polish heritage. Whether you plan on using your Polish language skills to connect with your roots, or to explore charming old-world villages and magnificent gothic castles and cathedrals, it's sure to help you discover a whole new world of experiences!

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Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Salutations and Small Talk


    Salutations and Small Talk

    • Express Gratitude
    • Greet People
    • Make Small Talk with Strangers
    • Say Goodbye
    • Learn About Adjectives
    • Learn About the Omission of Subjects
    • Use the Verb Być
  • Languages and Origins


    Languages and Origins

    • Ask / Tell If Someone Speaks a Language
    • Ask / Tell Where Someone is From
    • Get Someone's Attention
    • Get Exposed to "Wh..." Questions
    • Practice Using the Verb Być
    • Structure Formal and Informal Questions
    • Understand and Use Personal Pronouns
    • Use Negation
  • Names and Introductions


    Names and Introductions

    • Ask Someone's Name
    • Become Familiar with Names
    • Introduce Yourself
    • Respond to Introductions
    • Say That You Are Not Someone or Something
    • Form Introductions Using Two Structures
    • Learn About the Verb mieć
    • Use Personal Pronouns on , ona , and ono
  • Places and Directions


    Places and Directions

    • Ask for Directions
    • Express Gratitude for Help
    • Get Help Finding Places Using a Map
    • Identify Important Places and Facilities Around Town
    • Understand Directions as They Are Given to You
    • Form Imperatives and Polite Requests with Proszę + Infinitive
    • Form Simple Yes/No Questions and More Wh- Questions
    • Form the Past Tense and Practice the Present Tense of Być
    • Use Adjectives and Adjectival Nouns
    • Use Personal Pronouns in the Dative Case
  • Currency and Counting


    Currency and Counting

    • Count Up To 99
    • Deal with Currency
    • Inquire About Availability of the Items in Stores
    • Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores
    • Form Plural Nouns
    • Learn About Nominative and Accusative Plural Nouns
    • Learn the Demonstrative Adjectives ta, ten, to, te
    • Understand and Use the Direct Object
    • Understand the Use of Masculine and Feminine Nouns
  • Food and Drink Culture


    Food and Drink Culture

    • Order Meals and Drinks
    • Understand the Basics of Polish Food Culture
    • Use Common Words and Phrases Used at Polish Restaurants
    • Form Nouns in Dative, Genitive, and Accusative Cases
    • Understand Imperfective and Perfective Verbs
    • Use Adjectives in Relation to Masculine, Feminine, and Neutral Nouns
    • Use the Subjunctive Form of chciałby, chciałbyś
  • Fashion and Shopping


    Fashion and Shopping

    • Express Desire to Try On/Buy Something
    • Say that You Like/Dislike Something
    • Use Common Words and Phrases Used While Shopping
    • Get Acquainted With the Future Tense
    • Learn How to Use the Modal Verb powinien
    • Learn Personal Pronouns in the 3rd Person Accusative
    • Practice Using Genitive, Accusative and Instrumental Cases
    • Use Demonstratives in Singular and Plural Forms
  • Help and Requests


    Help and Requests

    • Accept/Decline Help
    • Ask for/Offer Help
    • Ask/Tell What Trouble One Is In
    • Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services
    • Form the Past Tense
    • Practice Adverbs and Imperatives
    • Practice Using Adjectives in the Accusative case
    • Practice Using Future Tense
    • Use the Verb musieć
  • Compliments and Corrections


    Compliments and Corrections

    • Ask and Answer How Good or Bad Your Pronunciation Is
    • Ask and Answer What a Written Word or Phrase Says
    • Give and Respond to a Compliment
    • Request Someone to Repeat and Slow Down
    • Get Exposed to the Comparative
    • Learn How to Use Adverbs
    • Practice Using Adjectives
    • Use the Locative Case
  • Clarification and Explanation


    Clarification and Explanation

    • Ask and Tell How To Say Something
    • Ask For and Give Instructions
    • Describe an Object
    • Describe the Weather
    • Create Complex Sentences
    • Learn About Polish Pronunciation
    • Practice Sounds of the Letters and Words
    • Use Multiple Adjectives