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Persian (Farsi)

Haggle for crafts at the Bazaar of Tehran, explore Iran from the Azadi Tower, or visit the jeweled city of Isfahan. Wander through Naqsh-e Jahan and see the Palace of Ali Qapu, then visit the Mosque of the Shaykh Lotfollah and marvel at one of the most stunning architectural feats of the Islamic world. Travel back to the Persian Empire at Persepolis and roam the magnificent ruins of the ancient palace. Wind down with a refreshing glass of doogh and use your language skills to delve into the poetry of Sohrab Sepehri or catch a play at the Tehran City Theater.

Get Started

Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Greetings, Gratitude, and Goodbyes


    Greetings, Gratitude, and Goodbyes

    • Express Gratitude
    • Greet People
    • Make Small Talk with Strangers
    • Say Goodbye
    • Be Introduced to the Farsi Sentence Structure
    • Form Formal and Informal Sentences
    • Learn the Present Base of the Verb بودَن
  • Do you speak English?


    Do you speak English?

    • Ask / Tell If Someone Speaks a Language
    • Ask / Tell Where Someone is From
    • Ask Someone to Speak Slower
    • Be Introduced to the Imperative Form
    • Be Introduced to the Notion of Two-Part Verbs
    • Form Affirmative and Interrogative Sentences
    • Learn How to Form the Present Tense
  • What is your name?


    What is your name?

    • Ask Someone's Name
    • Introduce Yourself and Another Person
    • Recognize Some Iranian Names
    • Respond to Introductions
    • Say That You Are Not Someone or Something
    • Learn How to Connect Possessive Nouns With یِ or اِ
    • Learn the First Person Plural Pronoun
    • Learn the Formal Third Person Singular and Plural Pronoun
    • Use the Negative Form of Verbs
  • Where is the Restaurant?


    Where is the Restaurant?

    • Ask for Directions
    • Get Help Finding a Place Using a Map
    • Get Someone's Attention
    • Identify Important Places and Facilities Around Town
    • Understand Directions as They are Given to You
    • Learn How to Combine Nouns with Adjectives
    • Learn How to Combine Prepositions with Nouns
    • Learn More Two-Part Verbs
    • Use the Object Marker را
  • How much is it?


    How much is it?

    • Count Up To 100
    • Deal with Iranian Currency
    • Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores in Iran
    • Be Introduced to Command Verb Forms
    • Form Present and Future Tenses
    • Learn Demonstratives for Objects and Adverbs for Directions
    • Learn Plurals
    • Learn to Form Short Answers
  • Drinks and Dining


    Drinks and Dining

    • Gain Insight Into Iranian Food Culture
    • Order Drinks and Meals in Iranian Restaurants
    • Understand Common Phrases Used at Restaurants
    • Learn More Present Tenses
    • Practice Negative Sentences
    • Practice Verbs in the Imperative Form
    • Practice Word Order and Structures with Ezahfe
  • Numbers and Currency


    Numbers and Currency

    • Ask/Tell Whether You Can Use Something
    • Deal with Large Numbers
    • Handle the Iranian Currency with Ease
    • Ride a Taxi and Pay the Fare
    • Learn Formal and Informal Command Verbs
    • Learn More Present, Present Continuous and Future Tenses
    • Learn More Two-Part Verbs
    • Use Auxliary Verbs and the Subjunctive
    • Use the Short Form of Verbs
  • I Need Help


    I Need Help

    • Accept/Decline Help
    • Ask For/Offer Help
    • Ask/Tell What Trouble You Are In
    • Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services in Iran
    • Be Introduced to Past Participles
    • Use Present Bases as Informal Command Verbs
    • Use Short Forms of Verbs and Pronouns as Suffixes
    • Use the Negative Form of Present and Past Tenses
  • What Does it Mean?


    What Does it Mean?

    • Ask / Answer What a Word or Phrase Means
    • Ask/Answer What a Written Word or Phrase Says
    • Request to Repeat, Slow down, Speak up, and Write Down
    • Request to Teach How to Do Something
    • Talk About Your Language Abilities
    • Learn the Present and Past Stems of نِوِشتَن
    • Learn to Form Plural Words with ان
    • Use Infinitive Forms
    • Use the Past Participle نِوِشتِه
  • Learning More About the Iranian Culture and Farsi


    Learning More About the Iranian Culture and Farsi

    • Accept/Decline an Invitation by Using تَعارُف Expressions
    • Make Appointments for Visiting Places
    • Understand/UseTime Expressions in Farsi
    • Use تَعارُف Expressions
    • Practice Prepositions
    • Practice the Basic Word Order Including Adverbs
    • Practice the Subjunctive

Unit 2

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • People and Animals

    Unit 2

    People and Animals

    • Address Family Members Using Kinship Words
    • Comment on Pets
    • Talk About Personality Types
    • Conjugate the Verb شبیه کسی بودن (To Resemble)
    • Form Possessive Nouns with Suffixes
    • Reinforce the Use of Plural
    • Use Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Inside the House

    Unit 2

    Inside the House

    • Describe What Color Something Is
    • Refer to General Places
    • Refer to Rooms and Locations in a House
    • Use Location and Relational Words
    • Describe Locations Using Prepositional Phrases
    • Form Exclamatory Sentences With چه
    • Learn the Imperative (Command Form)
    • Use the Verb از خوش آمدن (To Like Something/Someone)
  • Work and Pastime

    Unit 2

    Work and Pastime

    • Accept or Politely Decline an Invitation
    • Extend an Invitation
    • Share Likes and Dislikes
    • Talk about Career and Professions
    • Talk about Hobbies
    • Position Adjectives in the Correct Order
    • Practice the Subjunctive
    • Recognize Compound Words
    • Use the Present Tense to Express the Future
  • Preparing for Guests

    Unit 2

    Preparing for Guests

    • Convey Obligations and Desires
    • Express Time Constraints
    • Offer to Help
    • Practice Terms of Kinship and Affection
    • Form Compound Prepositions
    • Practice the Subjunctive
    • Review the Imperative
    • Use Verbal Nouns to Make a Complex Sentence
  • Cooking a Local Dish

    Unit 2

    Cooking a Local Dish

    • Explain the Ingredients of a Dish
    • Learn about Local and Cultural Food and Drinks
    • Offer to Help Prepare a Dish
    • Say You Like or Dislike Certain Dishes
    • Tell Others How to Prepare a Dish
    • Review Present and Imperative Tense
    • Use Measurement Quantifiers
    • Use the Present Progressive Tense
    • Use the Subjunctive when Asking Questions
  • Weather and Land

    Unit 2

    Weather and Land

    • Describe the Land
    • Describe the Weather, Climate, and Seasons
    • Express Preferences and Opinions
    • Suggest an Activity
    • Use Proper Measurement for Temperature
    • Learn to Form Adjectives from Nouns
    • Practice Verbs following Subjunctive Expressions
    • Review of Comparative Adjectives
  • Shopping

    Unit 2


    • Express Your Needs and Wants
    • Inquire About Store Hours
    • Learn the Days of the Week
    • Name Various Types of Stores
    • Understand Different Measurements and Weights
    • Employ Adverbs of Time
    • Learn the Present Perfect Tense
    • Practice the Subjunctive to Express Want
    • Use Measurement Quantifiers
    • Use لازم to Express Need and Obligation
  • Banking and Post Office

    Unit 2

    Banking and Post Office

    • Invite Someone to Join You for an Activity
    • Use Basic Banking and Financial Terms
    • Use the Post Office
    • Learn هم...هم (as well as) & نه...نه (neither...nor)
    • Review the Subjunctive
    • Use the Past Tense
    • Use the Relative Pronoun که
  • Leisure Activities

    Unit 2

    Leisure Activities

    • Remind Someone to Bring Something
    • Suggest Going Somewhere
    • Make Plans for an Activity
    • Talk About a Change of Plans
    • Learn Reflexive Pronouns
    • Practice the Past Tense
    • Review the Present Perfect Tense
    • Use Adverbs of Time, Manner, Frequency, and Place
    • Use the Non-Specific Direct Object Marker
  • Sightseeing

    Unit 2


    • Ask About a Famous Person and Local History
    • Suggest to Visit Well-Known Places
    • Talk or Ask About Plans
    • Ask to See Less Common Places
    • Form Superlative Adjectives
    • Learn the Formal Future Tense
    • Review the Present Perfect Tense
    • Use the Equivalent of Modals