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Learning Hindi is a gateway to many other official languages spoken all over Asia and the Middle East. By choosing to learn Hindi, you are opening yourself up to a magical world of fascinating culture, ancient history, sublime cuisine, and wonderful people.

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Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Greetings, Gratitude, Goodbyes


    Greetings, Gratitude, Goodbyes

    • Express Gratitude
    • Greet People
    • Make Small Talk with Strangers
    • Say Goodbye
    • Learn How to Form Questions
    • Learn the Conjunction और
    • Learn the Verb होना in Present Tense
    • Understand the Basic Sentence Structure
  • Do You Speak English?


    Do You Speak English?

    • Ask / Tell If Someone Speaks a Language
    • Ask / Tell Where Someone is From
    • Get Someone's Attention
    • Be Introduced to the Postposition से
    • Learn How to Negate Sentences
    • Learn to Distinguish Masculine / Feminine Verb Endings
    • Learn to Speak About the Present
    • Understand Genders of Nouns and Adjective Agreement
  • Names and Introductions


    Names and Introductions

    • Ask Someone's Name
    • Introduce Yourself and Another Person
    • Respond to Introductions
    • Say That You Are Not Someone or Something
    • Talk About Hindi Names and Famous Personalities
    • Learn to Identify Masculine / Feminine Endings
    • Use the Demonstrative Pronoun यह
    • Use the Possessive Pronouns मेरा , मेरी
  • Getting Around


    Getting Around

    • Ask for Directions
    • Get Help Finding Places Using a Map
    • Identify Important Places and Facilities Around Town
    • Understand Directions as They Are Given to You
    • Learn Nouns in the Oblique Case
    • Use Polite Imperatives
    • Use the Adverb of Degree थोड़ा
    • Use the Adverbs of Place यहाँ and वहाँ
    • Use the Postposition में
  • Shopping and Payment


    Shopping and Payment

    • Count Up To Thousands
    • Deal with Indian Currency
    • Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores in India
    • Learn How Adjectives are Used
    • Learn The Future Tense
    • Learn the Possessive Postpositions का , के , and की
    • Practice Question Formation
    • Use Plural Objects
  • Drinks and Dining


    Drinks and Dining

    • Gain Knowledge of the Indian Food Culture
    • Order Drinks and Meals
    • Understand Common Phrases Used at Indian Restaurants
    • Learn the Compound Postpositions के लिये and के साथ
    • Learn The Past Tense of होना
    • Practice Forming Questions
    • Practice the Future Tense
    • Practice the Possessive Postpositions का , के , की
  • Numbers and Currency


    Numbers and Currency

    • Ask / Tell Whether One Can Use Something
    • Deal with Large Numbers
    • Handle Currency with Ease
    • Ride a Taxi and Pay the Fare
    • Be Introduced to the Verbs देखना , चाहना , उतरना
    • Learn How Adjectives Change with Postpositions
    • Learn How to Expressing Ability with सकना
    • Learn the Postposition of Place पर
  • Getting Help


    Getting Help

    • Accept / Decline Help
    • Ask / Tell What Trouble You Are In
    • Ask for / Offer Help
    • Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services in India
    • Be Introduced to The Present Perfective
    • Learn How to Ask Questions with the Subjunctive
    • Learn the Adverbs बुरी तरह से and जल्दी से
    • Use the Postposition को with Indirect and Direct Objects
  • What Does It Mean?


    What Does It Mean?

    • Ask / Answer What a Word or Phrase Means
    • Ask / Answer What a Written Word or Phrase Says
    • Communicate Your Ability to Understand Something
    • Request to Repeat, Slow Down, or Speak Up
    • Be Introduced to The Compound Verb आ जाना
    • Practice Expressing Ability with सकना
    • Review the Present Perfective
    • Review the Pronoun यह + Postposition
  • Please Speak in Hindi


    Please Speak in Hindi

    • Ask / Tell How Your Performance Is
    • Ask / Tell What Something Is
    • Give / Respond to a Compliment
    • Request / Agree to Speak in a Particular Language
    • Tell Someone that You Are Learning Something
    • Learn the 1st Person Singular of Past Tense
    • Review Imperatives बोलिये
    • Review the Verbs कहना , पढ़ना
    • Use Present Continuous for Incomplete Actions