Arabic (Egyptian)

Delve into this ancient culture and explore the world. Indulge your imagination and travel to Egypt’s famed pyramids, dazzling temples, and the international Nile River. Visit the Valley of the Kings, decode Egyptian hieroglyphics, and sunbathe along the shores of the Red Sea. Whether you’re planning to study abroad, forge a career in international diplomacy, or you simply love the culture, this language is a passport to a remarkable history and a thriving contemporary culture – and it’s all at your fingertips when you speak the language.

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Learn Through Conversations

The Basics

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Greetings, Gratitude, and Goodbyes

    The Basics

    Greetings, Gratitude, and Goodbyes

    • Express Gratitude
    • Greet People
    • Make Small Talk With Strangers
    • Say Goodbye
    • Be Introduced to Verbless Sentences
    • Learn the Second Person Singular Subject Pronoun
    • Use the Masculine ـَك and Feminine ـِك Possessive Endings
    • Use the Vocative Particle يا
  • Do You Speak English?

    The Basics

    Do You Speak English?

    • Ask and Tell If Someone Speaks a Language
    • Ask and Tell Where Someone Is From
    • Get Someone's Attention
    • Be Introduced to Verbal Negation Using مش
    • Form Yes/No Questions
    • Learn 1st and 2nd Person Singular Present Tense Verbs
    • Use the Preposition مِن
    • Use the Special Request Verb مُمكِـن
  • What Is Your Name?

    The Basics

    What Is Your Name?

    • Ask Someone's Name
    • Become Familiar With Arabic Names
    • Introduce Yourself and Another Person
    • Respond to Introductions
    • Say That You Are Not Someone or Something
    • Be Introduced to the Idafa (Possessive) Structure
    • Form Feminine Nouns and Adjectives
    • Learn Singular Demonstrative Pronouns
    • Learn the First & Second Person Singular Possessive Suffixes
    • Negate Verbless Sentences
  • Excuse Me, Where Is the Egyptian Museum?

    The Basics

    Excuse Me, Where Is the Egyptian Museum?

    • Ask for Directions
    • Get Help Finding Places
    • Identify Important Places and Facilities Around Town
    • Understand Directions As They Are Given to You
    • Apply the Adjective - Noun Word Order and Agreement
    • Be Introduced to the Definite Article
    • Be Introduced to the Imperative
    • Learn and Use Locative Prepositions
    • Use the Idafa (Possessive) Construction
  • How Much Is This?

    The Basics

    How Much Is This?

    • Comfortably Talk About Numbers and Currency
    • Count up to 99
    • Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores
    • Apply Number - Noun and Noun - Adjective Agreement
    • Form Demonstrative Phrases
    • Form the Future Tense and Use هَا , ـه to Express "It"
    • Learn Regular and Irregular Plurals
    • Use عَند to Express "to Have"
  • Your Order, Sir?

    The Basics

    Your Order, Sir?

    • Gain Insight into the Food Culture
    • Order Drinks and Meals
    • Understand Common Phrases Used at Restaurants
    • Be Introduced to the Subjunctive
    • Practice 2nd Person Singular Present Tense Verbs
    • Review the Special Request Verb مُمكِـن
    • Use تحبّ to Request
  • Numbers and Currencies

    The Basics

    Numbers and Currencies

    • Ask or Tell Whether You Can Do Something
    • Handle Currency With Ease
    • Ride a Taxi and Pay the Fare
    • Understand How to Use Numbers
    • Be Introduced to the Dual Number
    • Learn about the Active Participle
    • Learn the 1st Person Plural of Present Tense
    • Review the Subjunctive
    • Use the Object Pronoun ني
  • An Emergency

    The Basics

    An Emergency

    • Accept / Decline Help
    • Ask / Tell What Trouble You Are In
    • Ask for / Offer Help
    • Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services in Egypt
    • Be Introduced to the Past Tense
    • Gain a Better Understanding of the Active Participle
    • Learn the 3rd Person Singular Present Tense
    • Practice the Subjunctive
    • Use the Object Pronouns ـِك , ـَك and ني
  • Sorry, I Don't Understand!

    The Basics

    Sorry, I Don't Understand!

    • Ask Someone How Something Is Pronounced or Spelled
    • Ask Someone to Read a Word or Phrase
    • Communicate Your Ability to Understand Something
    • Request to Repeat, Slow Down, or Speak Up
    • Talk About Learning a Language
    • Form More Imperative Structures
    • Learn Another Way to Form the Present Tense Negation
    • Learn the Imperative Negation
    • Practice the Present Tense
    • Use the Object Pronouns ـِك , ـَك and ني
  • What Does This Word Mean?

    The Basics

    What Does This Word Mean?

    • Ask / Answer What a Word or Phrase Means
    • Ask / Answer What a Written Word or Phrase Says
    • Ask / Tell How One's Performance Is
    • Give / Respond to a Compliment
    • Request / Agree to Speak in a Particular Language
    • Be Introduced to the Passive Participle
    • Be Presented to the Relative Form الـلـّي
    • Practice the Negation Form
    • Practice the Subjunctive and the Present Tense
    • Use the Object Pronouns ـِك , ـَك and يا