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“Teaching Languages Today” is Mango’s brand-new conversational podcast for K-12 language teachers that gets to the bottom of what’s working – and what’s not in the education system. Listen in for the problems fellow teachers are facing, learn what solutions they’ve found – and get some much-needed self-care reminders of why you fell in love with language teaching to begin with. Your host for the show is Emily Sabo (Linguist, PhD), a professional lover of language and amateur dive-bar comedian.


What to do about Dialects

(feat. Heather Sweetser)

In this episode, our host Dr. Emily Sabo (linguist, Mango Languages) sits down with a very special guest…the 2022 ACTFL National Teacher of the Year, Heather Sweetser! Heather is a Senior Lecturer of Arabic at the University of New Mexico and an all-around pedagogical rockstar. Listen in as Emily and Heather discuss the benefits of multi-dialectal teaching, the shifts in language ideologies that would transform student outcomes, and their predictions into the future of world language education in the United States.

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