Mango Languages
Simple Booth Photo Promotional Sweepstakes Giveaway ACTFL 2023
Official Rules


Eligible sweepstakes entries will be accepted beginning November 17, 2023 at 10:00 am EST and ending November 19, 2023 at 12:00 pm EST (“Entry Period”), unless tickets are all given out before. In order to be eligible to enter the sweepstakes, entries must be received during the Entry Period.


Persons eligible to win must: 

  • be over the age of eighteen (18) as of the date of entry, 
  • be in physical attendance at, the ACTFL conference 2023, and 
  • Take a photo in our photo booth (1 ticket per person per day)
  • submit their photo to Mango Languages via the Simple Booth photo booth as explained below in “HOW TO ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES”. Mango Languages employees and immediate family members are not eligible to participate. This sweepstakes is subject to federal, state and local laws. Void where prohibited by law.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Participants must: 

  • take photographs of themselves via the Simple Booth photo booth, 
  • post the Simple Booth photograph on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and 
  • tag Mango Languages with the hashtag #ACTFL23. Fraudulent methods of entry or circumvention of the Official Rules may result in disqualification and invalidation of a participant’s entry. Limit one entry per day per person; however,
  • an additional ticket per person per day can be acquired if proof of the person posting the photo on an social media is provided


Prizes will be given away onsite at the time of winning.


(2500 Scratch off tickets will be issued, tickets have no value)

  • (1) Winner Apple iWatch valued at $249.00 (2386/1 or .04% change to win)
  • (1) Winner Mango Languages Adventure Backpack Kit (kit includes: backpack, water bottle, hat, portable phone charge, and multi-tool) valued at $249 (2386/1 or .04% chance to win)
  • (16) Winners Mango Languages Sherpa Blankets valued at $39 (1193/8 or .67% chance to win)
  • (96) Winners Mango Languages Camping Mug valued at $8 (1193/48 or 3.7% chance to win)


By entering the sweepstakes, participants are bound by, and agree to abide by, Mango Languages’s Official Sweepstakes Rules. Mango Languages has the unconditional right to refuse, withdraw, or disqualify entries in its sole discretion. By entering the sweepstakes, all participants agree to accept the decision of Mango Languages as final and binding.

By entering the sweepstakes, you agree to take your photograph using the Simple Booth photo booth application. By electing to use the photo booth via the Simple Booth online application, you are voluntarily participating in the capture of your image by a third party, and you automatically consent to be bound by any additional terms and conditions applicable to you as set forth on the Simple Booth website at: and the Simple Booth privacy policy at:, whether or not you have read, understood or otherwise agreed to such terms.

Your entry into the sweepstakes and use of the Simple Booth photo booth constitutes your unconditional consent to be photographed, and to the transfer, release, publication, distribution, exhibition, modification or reproduction by Simple Booth and/or Mango Languages of any and all Simple Booth photographs for any purpose whatsoever, in perpetuity, in connection with Mango Languages and its initiatives including, by way of example only, use of the photographs on Mango’s websites, in social media, news and advertising.

By entering into the sweepstakes and electing to use the Simple Booth application to take photographs of you, you waive and release any and all claims you may have, now and forever, against Mango Languages and Simple Booth related to the use of the Simple Booth application and the resulting photographs or media images, including, without limitation, any right to inspect or approve the photo or media images, or any claims for invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, defamation, copyright infringement or for any fees or royalties for use of such photographs or media images.

You understand that your voluntary election to enter the sweepstakes and use the Simple Booth photo booth will be in reliance on this consent, as well as your agreement to the Official Sweepstakes Rules, which may not be revoked.

Mango Languages reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the sweepstakes in the event that non-authorized human intervention, a bug or virus, fraud, or other causes beyond Mango Languages’s control impact or corrupt the security, fairness, proper conduct, or administration of the sweepstakes giveaway.