Latin American Spanish Useful Phrases: Train / Metro Station

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Latin American Spanish

Useful Phrases: Train / Metro Station

Navigate your way through a new city with these need-to-know public transportation phases in your back pocket. 

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    Latin American Spanish


  • Which platform is the train for...?
    ¿En qué plataforma pasa el tren que va a...?
    ehn keh plahtahFOHRmah PAHsah ehl trehn keh bah ah
  • Where can I buy a ticket?
    ¿Dónde puedo comprar el boleto?
    DOHNdtheh PWEHdoh kohmPRAHR ehl bohLEHtoh
  • I would like to buy a ticket to....
    Quisiera comprar un boleto a...
    keeSYEHrah kohmPRAHR oon bohLEHtoh ah
  • Are there reserved seats?
    ¿Hay asientos reservados?
    ay ahSYEHNtohs rehsehrBAHdthos
  • What time does the next train depart?
    ¿A qué hora sale el próximo tren?
    ah keh OHrah SAHleh ehl PROKseemoh trehn
  • How long does it take?
    ¿Cuánto demora?
    KWAHNtoh dehMOHrah
  • One-way ticket
    Boleto de ida
    bohLEHtoh de EEdthah
  • Round-trip ticket
    Boleto de ida y vuelta
    bohLEHtoh de EEdthah ee BWEHLtah
  • How does this machine work?
    ¿Cómo funciona esta máquina?
    KOHmoh foonSYOHnah EHStah MAHkeenah
  • Excuse me, this is my stop.
    Disculpe, esta es mi parada.
    deesKOOLpeh EHStah ehs mee pahRAHdah

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