Latin American Spanish Useful Phrases: Taxi / Rideshare

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Latin American Spanish

Useful Phrases: Taxi / Rideshare

Hail a ride by learning basic directions, vocab, and the right questions to ask your driver.

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    Latin American Spanish


  • I am going to...
    Voy a...
    boy ah...
  • What is the rate?
    ¿Cuál es la tarifa?
    kwahl ehs lah tahREEfah
  • Is the meter running?
    ¿Está corriendo el taxímetro?
    ehsTAH kohRRYEHNdoh ehl takSEEmehtroh
  • May I open the window?
    ¿Puedo abrir la ventana?
    PWEHdoh ahBREER lah behnTAHnah
  • Turn here.
    Doble aquí.
    dohbleh ahKEE
  • Right
  • Left
  • At the corner.
    En la esquina.
    ehn lah ehsKEEnah
  • Please stop here.
    Pare aquí, por favor.
    PAHreh ahKEE pohr fahBOHR
  • Do you have change?
    ¿Tiene cambio?
    TYEHneh KAHMbyoh
  • Oh no, I lost my....
    Ay, no. Perdí mi...
    ay noh pehrDEE mee

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