Latin American Spanish Useful Phrases: Shopping

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Latin American Spanish

Useful Phrases: Shopping

Interact with ease when speaking to shop vendors by learning to talk price, quantity, and how to express your likes and dislikes.

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    Latin American Spanish


  • I am looking for...
  • May I see that one?
    ¿Puedo ver eso?
    PWEHdthoh behr EHsoh
  • What is this?
    ¿Qué es esto?
    keh ehs EHStoh
  • No thank you.
    No, gracias.
    noh GRAHsyahs
  • How much is it?
    ¿Cuánto es?
    KWAHNtoh ehs
  • I would like to buy it.
    Quisiera comprarlo.
    keeSYEHrah kohmPRAHRloh
  • It's too expensive.
    Es muy costoso.
    ehs mwee kohsTOHsoh
  • Do you have more?
    ¿Tiene más?
    TYEHneh mahs
  • Bigger
    más grande
    mahs GRAHNdtheh
  • Smaller
    más pequeño
    mahs pehKEHnyoh
  • I don't like it.
    No me gusta.
    noh meh GOOStah

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