Latin American Spanish Useful Phrases: Airport

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Latin American Spanish

Useful Phrases: Airport

Learn crucial airport phrases and vocabulary like ‘delayed,’ ‘boarding,’ and ‘What did that announcement say?’ 

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    Latin American Spanish


  • I am a tourist.
    Soy turista.
    soy tooREEStah
  • I am here on business.
    Vine por negocios.
    BEEneh pohr nehGOHsyohs
  • I will be here for...
    Estaré aquí por...
    ehstahREH ahKEE pohr
  • How can I get to the city center?
    ¿Cómo puedo ir al centro de la ciudad?
    KOHmoh PWEHdoh eer ahl SEHNtroh deh lah syooDTHADTH
  • Is there public transportation?
    ¿Hay transporte público?
    ay trahnsPOHRteh POObleekoh
  • I would like to exchange dollars for...
    Quisiera cambiar dólares a...
    keeSYEHrah kahmBYAHR DOHlahrehs ah...
  • What's the exchange rate for...?
    ¿Cuál es la tasa de cambio para...?
    kwahl ehs lah TAHsah de KAHMbyoh PAHrah
  • Delayed
  • Boarding
  • Excuse me, what did that announcement say?
    Disculpe, ¿qué dijo el anuncio?
    deesKOOLpeh keh DEEhoh ehl ahNOONsyoh

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