French Useful Phrases: Shopping

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Useful Phrases: Shopping

Interact with ease when speaking to shop vendors by learning to talk price, quantity, and how to express your likes and dislikes.

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  • I am looking for...
    Je cherche...
    jeuh shehrsh...
  • May I see that one?
    Je peux voir celui-là ?
    jeuh peuh vwar seuhlwee-la ?
  • What is this?
    C'est quoi ?
    say kwa ?
  • No thank you.
    Non merci.
    no(n) mayrsee.
  • How much is it?
    Ça coûte combien ?
    sa koot ko(n)byu(n) ?
  • I would like to buy it.
    Je voudrais l'acheter.
    jeuh voodray lashtay.
  • It's too expensive.
    C'est trop cher.
    say tro shehr.
  • Do you have more?
    Vous en avez d'autres ?
    voo za(n) navay dotr ?
  • Bigger
    Plus grand.
    plu gra(n)
  • Smaller
    Plus petit.
    plu peuhtee
  • I don't like it.
    Je ne l'aime pas.
    jeuh ne laym pa.

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