Mandarin Chinese Videos Playlist: Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Common Phrases

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Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Common Phrases

These videos go into depth on some common phrases to speak and write in Mandarin. Topics include how to say hello, goodbye, how to ask yes & no questions, and talk about nationalities. Find out how to write 'Happy New Year' and even 'Mango.'

  • How to Say Hello - Basic Chinese Mandarin Phrases

    Every conversation starts with a simple greeting. In this lesson, you'll learn how to extend a friendly "hello" in Mandarin Chinese.

  • How to Say "Chinese" and "American" - Basic Chinese Mandarin Phrases

    When traveling, it's helpful to be able to identify your own and others' nationalities. In this lesson, Jinyi and Jason cover concepts like "American," "Chinese," "person," and "to be" in order to build the phrase "I am American; I am not Chinese."

  • How to Ask Yes or No Questions - Basic Chinese Mandarin Phrases

    The ability to ask questions in your target language is essential. Luckily, in Mandarin, it's as easy as adding one word!

  • How To Say Goodbye - Basic Chinese Mandarin Phrases

    How you end a conversation can be just as important as you start one. As we wrap up our Mandarin Chinese video series, Jinyi and Jason discuss both formal and informal ways to say "goodbye."

  • How to Write Happy New Year - Basic Chinese Mandarin with Mango Languages

    Learn how to write the characters to wish your friends and family a Happy New Year! Follow along as we show the stroke order and pronounce the pinyin.

  • How to Write Mango - Basic Chinese Mandarin with Mango Languages

    Learn how to write the tastiest word in the Chinese dictionary.

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