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Lighthouse Christian School empowers K-8 students through self-directed learning and an entirely new world language curriculum. Their motto? The more languages, the better.



Strengthening world-language curricula


Lighthouse Christian School (LCS) used Mango Classroom by Mango Languages to strengthen their world language curricula and increase the number of languages offered to a diverse student body. In doing so, LCS students were able to navigate self-directed learning pathways in the classroom as well as engage in family-wide learning at home.



“The encouragement that Mango provides facilitates more learning. It reinforces what they’ve learned and opens them up to a lot of new vocab. They’re learning in a whole new way with Mango.”  

Iliana Nicholas, LCS Spanish Teacher


Develop student core language skills through self-directed, blended learning


Lighthouse Christian School needed an online language-learning solution for their middle schoolers that would develop core language skills and speaking confidence. As a proponent of world language learning and cultural enrichment since its founding in 1994, the school sought a program that would not only engage students in the classroom, but would also engage their at-home learning support. With a World Languages class dedicated to expanding students’ linguistic horizons, a language-learning solution with a diverse array of language courses and a reliable, personalized learning path was a must.



After reviewing the most popular online language- learning solutions on the market, LCS chose to partner with Mango Languages in 2015 in order to:

  • Provide a wider range of language options for students
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Deliver standardized lessons through a variety of learning modalities
  • Enable at-home support, family learning, and heritage language acquisition

Iliana Nicholas, the Spanish teacher at LCS, implemented the Mango Classroom program into her World Languages class for grades six through eight. Mrs. Nicholas allows students to choose which language they will independently study and facilitates class twice a week. The first 45-minute class of the week is spent learning with Mango, while the second class includes additional Mango study time and a culture/geography lesson related to a specific language or country. Mrs. Nicholas credits Mango’s successful implementation at LCS to its intuitive design and engaging lessons.



The implementation of Mango Classroom generated benefits for students, their families, and the school. This student-centered, blended approach:

  • Increased student engagement and speaking confidence
  • Supported students’ unique learning needs through self-paced, personalized learning pathways
  • Advanced high school readiness through the completion of language program requirements
  • Created deeper connections to family and culture for heritage learners and LCS families

By empowering students with the latest in education technology, LCS has given their
learners the means to reach speaking confidence in a new language while investing in their own education and future.


LCS enrolls students from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Valuing home and community support, the administration promotes the Mango program to all students, staff, and their families. Many in the LCS community took advantage of Mango’s Family Profiles to learn a language together, including heritage learners of Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, and more.


School-wide benefits for students and faculty


With innovative academic institutions like Lighthouse Christian School integrating an adaptive, engaging, and effective blended language solution into their classrooms, students are able to cultivate the confidence and core language skills they need to make meaningful connections in a new language.


Lighthouse Christian School (LCS) is a private K-8 school located in Gig Harbor, Washington, and serves families throughout Pierce and Kitsap Counties. With a rigorous academic program, LCS prepares a diverse student body to not only excel in high school, but to become well-rounded citizens of both their local communities and the increasingly globalized world.


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