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As the only Spanish teacher for an entire school district, Carlos Covarrubias utilizes Mango Classroom to engage students in at-home learning, resulting in higher retention and improved core language skills.



Empowering students to learn beyond the classroom


With limited classroom time and tasked with teaching a wide range of grade levels, Carlos Covarrubias (known as ‘Mr. C’ among his students) has found a way to keep learners on track, while boosting student confidence communicating in a new language and improving academic performance and high school readiness — all by using Mango Classroom by Mango Languages.



"Thanks to Mango Classroom, my students are actually feeling comfortable and confident enough to speak, even in front of their friends and their classmates. I feel like, yes, we’re getting somewhere!”  

Carlos Covarrubias, K-8 Spanish Teacher


Limited classroom time and varying academic levels


As the only Spanish language teacher for both the primary and elementary schools in DTSD, Mr. C sees each group of students for a single fifty-five-minute class period per week. “If I had more time with them, we could cover more, we could accomplish more. I can only do so much in 55 minutes.”

With first- through eighth-grade students cycling through his classroom door, Mr. C’s teaching methods need to engage a diverse range of academic levels and abilities. And although the majority of his in-class activities require students to practice their oral skills, many students were reluctant to practice within earshot of friends and classmates — shy to speak and hesitating over their beginner pronunciation.


Mango Classroom — a flexible and accessible resource


Mango’s unique teaching tools, including automatically graded exercises, group engagement statistics, and student progress tracking, were decisive features when selecting the right digital resource for his classroom. Mr. C loves Mango’s flexible concept, which is adaptive to each student’s individual pace and enables students to revisit topics previously taught in order to have a second chance at mastering the material.


With Mango’s mobile app, Mr. C is able to hold students accountable for their take-home assignments, while back-end transparency allows student-teacher access to lesson logins, progress tracking, and chapter test scores, keeping both the student and teacher organized and informed of progress and trouble spots. “Students have the opportunity to practice all week long using Mango. It’s an advantage — a total advantage,” said Mr. C. “I’ve even had kids on vacation using Mango.”


Confident students communicating effectively


When DTSD integrated Mango Languages for the 2017–2018 school year, students fell in love with the vibrant, interactive interface and learning features, like Phonetic Pop-Ups, which provide students with the opportunity to hear words and phrases that have been recorded at a slower pace. Semantic Color Mapping also helps students visually decipher the mechanics and grammatical structure of the language they’re studying.

Learning time with Mango increased by an average of 100% each month, and student learning sessions increased by an average of 17 times per month as students became more engaged in language learning during the course of the 2017–2018 school year.

“Thanks to Mango Classroom, my students are actually feeling comfortable and confident enough to speak, even in front of their friends and their classmates,” said Mr. C. “I feel like, yes, we’re getting somewhere!” After listening to Mango’s real-life dialogue and practicing their pronunciation using the Voice Comparison feature, students started having short conversations outside of Mr. C’s classroom. “The more students used Mango, the less shy they were to speak. Students would look for me during lunch duty or in the hallway and they would start speaking right away.”


Integrating digital learning results into students’ GPA


After successfully using Mango as an extra credit opportunity to supplement classroom instruction during the first year of implementation, Mr. C plans to integrate students’ Mango learning into their overall grade point average to drive the improvement of students’ conversational skills and to further support the accountable use of the program. “I keep refreshing that in their minds — you need to be able to communicate,” said Mr. C. “It opens so many more opportunities in the future to have that second language.”

With world language educators like Mr. C championing a progressive, efective, and exciting blended language program, students are more inspired and equipped to make connections, start conversations, and take their learning to the next level in over 70 languages and dialects, available through all Mango Languages subscriptions.


The Dennis Township School District (DTSD) in New Jersey serves over 600 pre-K–eighth-grade students at its primary school and elementary school.


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