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Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Professor Pasquale’s students forgo the traditional language textbook in favor of a tech-first solution to explore and engage with foreign languages on a deeper level.



Opting for a technology-first approach to curriculum planning


Meet Dr. Michael Pasquale, a Linguistics professor and chair of the Humanities Division at Cornerstone University, a liberal arts university in the heart of western Michigan. Dr. Pasquale used Mango to create a wildly successful, brand-new course to add to the curriculum that would help motivate students to participate in conversations and reduce the anxiety that some face when confronted with language learning.



“Mango is important because it helps to meet the course objectives. They [students] come into class, into the lectures, and they find that they’re engaged.”  

Dr. Michael Pasquale, Linguistics professor and Chair of the Humanities Division, Cornerstone University



Founded in 1941, Cornerstone University is an independent college in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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