Mango Languages | Success Stories - Calabasas Library

Calabasas Library

Watch the video to hear the story of how Calabasas Library switched from Mango to another language-learning resource and quickly realized the error of their ways. Their patrons were not happy, to put it lightly.


If you’re thinking about leaving Mango, you might want to think twice

Karilyn Steward and her team made the decision to leave Mango for a less expensive competitor. She quickly discovered what a huge mistake it was. The library patrons were very upset about the change because they loved Mango. They found it easier to use and felt it was way more effective for language learning. After several demands Karilyn switched back to Mango and all is again right with the language-learning world for her patrons.

“We never should’ve left Mango. It was one of those things where you try something and quickly realize you made a mistake. Of course, the patrons weren’t happy! So, we went back to Mango.”

-Karilyn Steward, Senior Librarian, Calabasas Library

Calabasas Library is in Calabasas,CA.

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