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Clarion-Goldfield-Dows School District



The More, the Merrier

When Clarion Goldfield Dows’ EL population tripled, they found themselves with more non-English speaking students than ever struggling to navigate their environment, with no resources to support them. That’s when they discovered Mango, and knew it would be a perfect fit. Within their first month using Mango, they saw fantastic results: more classroom engagement, parents learning English at home, and students communicating confidently with native English-speakers. 

Right now Mango is providing us with a boost that we didn't have.

Joe Nelson, Superintendent

Mango Makes a Difference

Clarion Students are getting more done.

The love for Mango grew fast for Clarion students, who completed 1533 lessons within their first month.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Students spent 484 hours using Mango within their first month.

Triple the teaching.

Clarion students tripled their total time spent learning in their second month using Mango.

It's building their confidence. I've seen a huge difference in just a month.

Lori Swanson, Instructional Coach at CGD


Newcomers love Mango

Mango was exactly the resource Clarion Goldfield Dows’ newcomer population needed. It helped them build the necessary English skills to connect with their peers and to be successful in the rest of their education. With step-by-step support from their own personal Mango account manager, Clarion was able to utilize ESSER funds to get Mango and roll the program out to their students with ease. 


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