“I love this website...”

I love this website and I love that it comes available from my local country public library. Kudos! Especially for a more rare language like Vietnamese -- this is phenomenal and I am really appreciative of this service!


Charleston County Public Library, SC

“...Mango works really well!”

I'm in 7th grade and taking an independent study of Japanese during one of my classes at school, and Mango works really well!


Denver Public Library, CO

“I'm loving this so far.”

I'm loving this so far. One of the best language learning sites/apps especially with the pronunciation guide! The grammar guides are also particularly helpful to learn about how the language is. I especially enjoy how it gives the “literal meaning” because as anyone who is bi/multilingual knows, not every sentence makes sense when translated literally. I also love the cultural information. LOVE MANGO


Chicago Public Library, IL

“Love learning French this way!”

Love learning French this way! I'm going to paris on my honeymoon soon and I want to speak a little of the native language when I'm there.


Free Library of Philadelphia, PA

“It's absolutely amazing...”

It's absolutely amazing that I can use this free resource to learn a language I've been trying to learn for years.


Orange County Public Library, FL

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