Mango Languages Student Ambassador Program — Fall 2019

Are you looking to boost engagement with world language resources on your campus? We’re offering our higher-ed customers the exclusive opportunity to take part in the Fall 2019 Mango Languages Student Ambassador Program.

Promote language learning and cross-cultural connections using your institution’s greatest asset — your students! Fill out the contact form to find out how you can share this program with your campus community.

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Bring the world to your campus community

Throughout the Student Ambassador Program, Ambassadors will be:

  • Discovering the value of other cultures and languages.
  • Encouraging language and cultural curiosity on campus by engaging students with language-learning resources.
  • Using their creativity to promote language and culture on campus by:
    • Leveraging campus events to create hype and awareness.
    • Preparing and completing various classroom and/or club presentations.
    • Distributing language resource promotional materials.
    • Working with multiple departments across campus.
  • Documenting activities throughout the program with monthly reports.

'Mango Languages, Student Ambassador Program'

Program requirements

To be successfully considered for the program, Ambassadors must meet the following requirements:

  • Current full-time or part-time college or university student.
  • Enrolled at a higher-ed institution in the contiguous U.S. and Canada with a current Mango Languages subscription for the duration of the program.
  • Passionate about sharing world languages and cultural experiences with others.

An engaging and rewarding experience

The semester-long Student Ambassador Program provides opportunities to build networking, communication, and marketing skills, preparing young professionals for the competitive job market.

Program benefits include the opportunity for students to:

  • Earn a $25 VISA gift card each month upon achievement of the engagement goal (up to $75 total for the duration of the three-month program). The full amount will be earned upon successful completion of the program. Exceptional results may qualify students to receive an additional $100 reward.
  • Receive special Mango Languages gear and promotional materials, along with $25 to jumpstart a language-learning campaign on campus.
  • Obtain exclusive membership in the Mango Student Ambassador Community, plus networking opportunities through the Mango Languages Student Ambassador Facebook group.
  • Collect LinkedIn endorsements from program coordinators and fellow Mango Student Ambassadors.
  • Gain marketing and leadership experience that will help build students’ resumes.
  • Boost language skills and cultural understanding.
  • Request a letter of recommendation for use towards future job opportunities.
  • Build great relationships by promoting Mango Languages directly on your campus.

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