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Spice up the conversation. Discover another language together.

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Build practical conversation skills in over 70 world languages with Mango's unique language-learning software.

Learn a new language to add flavor to your conversation when:

Sharing in small talk at holiday parties.

Cooking and eating meals with family and friends.

Explaining dietary restrictions to your relatives.

Meeting your
in-laws for the first time.

Expressing likes and dislikes to new friends.

Asking your opa “What does ____ mean?”

Spice up the dinner table conversation

Whether for school, work, or connecting with family and friends, Mango helps you build confidence in your conversation skills with fun and practical language lessons. Explore a new language with Mango to spice up everyday moments with words and phrases in over 70 world languages.

The best way to learn a language — at home or on the go

Mango's French language course on tablet and phone.
Note Paper Orange Icon

Grammar and
culture notes

Equips you with crucial language and cultural insights so you don’t accidentally insult your French aunt.

Microphone Orange Icon


Keeps you on track towards speaking like a native — just record your voice and compare it to an authentic accent

Understood Exclamation Mark Orange Icon

Understood and
literal meanings

Offers deeper insight into how your new language works to help you avoid misunderstandings.

Audio Volume Speaker Orange Icon


Helps you wrap your mouth around unfamiliar phrases and consonant pairings.

LightBulb Orange Icon

Memory building

Ensures you retain the basics so you can express more complex ideas, like your passion for mom’s potato latkes.

Orange Family Icon


Enables you to link up to five additional learners to your account to track the progress of family and friends as you learn together.

Get inspired by the power of conversation.