30% OFF for Small Libraries

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A custom-tailored language resource, perfectly suited for your budget

We know that being smaller doesn’t have to stop us from making a meaningful impact on our community. And now, with a little help from your friends at Mango Languages, you can make sure your library provides its community with all of the opportunities it deserves.

We’ve crafted special pricing for small libraries!* Complete the form below to find out how to get 30% off of a one-year library subscription of Mango Languages or how to get three additional years for free when you sign your library up for a five-year subscription. One of our friendly reps will be in touch with you ASAP.

*Special pricing on library subscriptions only available to new library customers in the U.S. serving a population under 25,000. Only those libraries who are not currently, or have not, in the previous six (6) months, been a Mango Languages customer will qualify as "new library customers" for this offer. A contract for a library subscription of Mango Languages must be signed by December 31, 2018, to qualify for this offer.

Learning French with Mango App on all devices.

Offer your patrons a desktop and mobile experience that’s accessible anytime, anywhere

Our free iOS and Android apps allow your patrons to take their learning with them wherever they go! In the car, on the bus, or at the gym, your patrons can plug into auto play on the Mango Languages app to learn a new language on the go. Our downloadable lessons for mobile devices are accessible offline, turning any situation into a language-learning opportunity.

Over 70 world language courses and more than 20 English courses

As the most-loved language-learning program in libraries, we make sure to keep language learning fresh. Help your community strengthen everyday communication skills with native-speaker audio, relevant Culture Notes, and with our unique specialty courses, ranging from Spanish for Librarians (Spanish, Latin American) to Oktoberfest (German) — even Pirate! English courses (ESL/ELL) feature navigation and phonetics in the learner’s native language to make learning easier. Take a look at our full list of courses.

Over 70 World Language Courses.
Mango Market.

Make promoting digital resources less of a hassle and more of a joy

Need help promoting your library? With Mango Languages’ help, your small or rural library will be able to demonstrate and communicate its relevance better than ever. Call on your very own friendly Mango Languages advocate, dedicated specifically to your library. All of our partner libraries have exclusive access to free, downloadable promotional materials through Mango Market, so you can spread the word about Mango Languages to your library community.

Access Mango Languages' unique features

  • 24/7 customer support for patrons and librarians
  • Linguist-approved language courses
  • Practical, real-world conversations
  • Native-speaker audio
  • Essential cultural insights
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