Mango Classroom for K-12

Inspire students to communicate with confidence

Mango Classroom for K-12 by Mango Languages is the award-winning language-learning system that guides language learning in and out of the classroom. Applying Mango Languages’ intuitive, conversation-based methodology, Mango Classroom delivers lessons that promote in-depth critical-thinking skills, learning, and retention.

With features that help organize classes, activities and assessments, as well as encourage family participation and student engagement, Mango Classroom is the 24/7 teaching assistant that prepares students of all ages and skill-levels for global adventures.

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Real-world content that complements curricula

Mango Classroom uses Mango Languages’ self-paced learning program to teach new languages through relevant and topical dialogue using the four key components of improving proficiency in another language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

Uniquely crafted by expert linguists in alignment with the 5C’s of the national World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, Mango Classroom complements curricula to help motivate students through practical lessons in over 70 world languages and more than 20 ESL/ELL courses.

Empower students to comprehend, construct, and create conversations in and out of the classroom through:

  • Relevant, real-world conversations using authentic dialogue
  • Contextual Culture Notes that help clarify local customs and traditions
  • Comparative learning via interactive words and phrases, native-speaker audio, and voice comparisons
  • Topically focused content for practical application in communities outside of the classroom

Teaching tools built for you and your classroom

Designed to complement curricula, Mango Classroom is a 24/7 teaching assistant with lesson-planning materials to help organize classes, activities, and assessments.

Create a new group


Upload student lists and organize classes to track progress, follow engagement, and review automatically graded assessments.

Instructor guides download

Instructor Guides

Download and align Mango Languages course content with your classroom topics and lesson plans.

Screenshot of Lesson Deep linking

Lesson Deep Linking

Easily direct students to specific lessons for reference, review, and homework through your LMS.

Chapter Review Go

Quizzes & Assessments

Automatically graded exercises for student and educator to review results and correct answers.

Administrative tools for seamless integration

Created with educators in mind, our exclusive admin features provide administrators with the tools they need for effective language resource management.

Screenshot of Engagement Stas & progress

Engagement Stats & Progress Tracking

Each individual profile tracks learner’s progress, keeping students, instructors, and admins on top of usage.

Screenshot of Mango Administration Portal

Mango Administration Portal

Upload and authenticate students, track real-time progress, and access overall organization usage.

Speak like a Local flyer, and Mango Languages mug

Mango Market

Download, order, and ship custom promotional materials to your school to encourage language learning among students.

Customer Advocates

Customer Advocates

Connect with your dedicated customer advocate for integration support, promotional assistance, and staff training.

Resources that broaden students’ support community

Expand student learning beyond the classroom with unique features designed to prepare students for emerging careers and global opportunities.

Access Mango Classroom's exclusive offerings

  • Language courses available on desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones
  • Staff profiles for professional development and personal growth
  • Training materials set up instructors for success with our learning features and tools
  • 24-hour help desk and world-class customer support for staff and students
  • Custom pricing available to suit your school size and needs

Resources | Case Study

How Dennis Township School District Used Mango Classroom to Boost Student Confidence and Language Skills

Download our case study to find out how one Spanish teacher used Mango Classroom to transform students’ language skills.

Papers containing "The Dennis Township case study".

Resources for instructors

Fresh insight and eLearning tips for language education in the classroom, from our top pick of free resources for instructors.

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