Mango Classroom Training Materials

Mango Classroom Training Materials

All the training materials you and your staff need to easily manage your Mango account and get the most out of your subscription.

Getting Your School Started with Mango

Follow along to log in and get your remote classroom ready for class.

Download the Checklist Here

*For schools integrated with Clever, please go to your Clever portal, log in, and click on Mango Languages.

Step 1: Login

Log in as an administrator into the Mango Admin Portal (MAP) at and log in using the credentials you were sent in the activation email.

Step 2: Set up Administrators

After logging in, the first thing you want to do is add any additional administrators. Administrators are the only ones who have access to the MAP (Mango Admin Portal). Administrators can create additional users. Administrators also have the ability to delete users, directly change/assign passwords, change authentication settings, view school-wide usage statistics, and visit our promotional site.

(:45 seconds)


Step 3: Set up Instructors

Teachers or professors at your school need to have Instructor profiles created. Instructors cannot access the MAP. Instead, they access Mango the exact same way their students access Mango; through

(3:30 minutes)


Step 4: Add Students

Students, like instructors, only have access to the language learning platform; Students can be added the same way administrators and instructors are added.

(5 minutes)


Step 5: Create Groups

As noted in Step 4, the most efficient way to create groups is when you upload a quantity of students using a CSV file. This automatically creates a group, assigns an instructor to that group, and adds students to that group. However, instructors can create groups on their own. This video covers the way instructors can create a new group, select their groups language, how to name a group, and how to connect to their school.

(:30 seconds)


Step 6: Add Students to Groups

For instructors who created groups using the method in Step 5, this video will show how to add students from the school roster, how to download the member list, and how to manage their group's settings.

(1:30 minutes)


Step 7: Give Students Access

After your students' profiles are created, they will access Mango Languages one of two ways: by logging in through our website or by downloading our mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. This video shows the login procedure for both instructors and students.

(1:15 minutes)


Step 8: Assign Lessons

Assigning lessons will be done by their instructor, using their preferred method. In this video, learn how to use Mango in the classroom and make the most of your subscription to Mango Classroom. You'll see the top features unique to Mango Classroom, including Course Guides for instructors, Classroom lesson plans, how to assign lessons and what your students see, including how to create Family Profiles.

(3:30 minutes)


Making the Most of Mango Classroom

Learn everything about placing students, to using Mango with Google Classroom, to checking statistics and resetting passwords.

Where To Start Your Students

How do you know where to place your students according to their current skill level? We’ll guide you through the Mango proficiency levels and familiarize you with the all-in-one Classroom interface, plus show you how useful the language Course Guides are and where you can access them.

(5:30 minutes)


How To Use Mango with Google Classroom

Where do you go to assign materials and how do you keep your students informed? Watch to learn more about how to structure the Mango software with Classroom features using announcement streams and classwork modules. You’ll also find out how to access and assign Mango’s Curriculum Guide materials.

(9 minutes)


How to Link to Lessons

Want to assign a specific lesson or activity? How about a few? Learn how to link to the create assignments and link to lessons and activities without copying and pasting multiple times. You’ll also learn how easy it is for students to pick up exactly where they left off.

(4:30 minutes)


How to Track Student Progress

In this video, learn how to see your students' progress and usage using Mango Classroom. We'll cover how to locate each students' activity, how to download reports on overall usage and assessment scores, and what our automatically-graded assessments look like.

(1:30 minutes)


How To Use the Mango Review System

What is the Mango Review System and how is it helpful for long-term retention? Watch to learn about how the Mango Review System tailors to each student’s learning behaviors and why it’s important you encourage students to access it regularly.

(6:45 minutes)


How To Reset Passwords & Troubleshooting

In this video, learn how to reset passwords for both students and teachers. You'll see how to find students' current passwords, how to reset your own password, and how to contact support.

(1:00 minute)