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Useful stuff. Zero fluff.

Mango rapidly builds language proficiency and cultural understanding around real-world communication skills that you'll actually need. Mango teaches through examples like 'What time are they arriving?' instead of much less useful phrases like 'The dog is under the table.'



Bite-sized learning.

Mango breaks things down into small, bite-sized chunks; then challenges you to build them back up into full sentences. You'll learn language structure and vocabulary in a highly intuitive and contextual way.


Create new meaning.

Mango teaches you how to create new meaning on your own by challenging you to combine freshly learned language structures and vocabulary with ones you learned in the past. You'll be amazed at how early you develop flexible communication skills.


Sound like a native speaker.

Mango's interactive words, pronunciation helpers, and voice comparison technology gives you everything you need to dial in that perfect accent. Audio can be heard slow and articulate, or at a faster conversational pace.


Learn to connect.

Mango gives you the crucial cultural insights you'll need to communicate appropriately, meet new friends, and fully understand your new language.


Where will you Mango?

Mango goes wherever you go with full apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. Over 60 language courses available in the palm of your hand.


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