How it works:
Language learning with beauty and brains.

Learning with Mango is organized, practical, and totally painless. And the most important part? It actually works.


Learn through conversations

Every lesson of Mango is taught through the context of conversations, giving you an edge in understanding the discourse of your new language.

Goal-based learning

Part of becoming proficient in a new language is to accomplish specific communication tasks. Each chapter aligns your learning to a set of conversational and grammar goals.

Rapidly Build Conversation Skills

With a focus on quickly building conversation skills, Mango challenges you to combine what you've already learned to build something new.

Relevant learning material

You'll learn words and phrases that you'll actually use in everyday conversation. By learning language and culture through real situations, you'll be more prepared for the real world.

Cultural Insights

Highly relevant culture notes are sprinkled into each lesson. Language lets you speak, but cultural understanding allows you to connect with a new way of life.

Grammar Insights

While much of the grammar in Mango is learned without you even realizing it, specific grammar insights are sprinkled throughout the lessons for clarity.

Memory building exercises

Perfectly-timed memory building exercises ensure you actually retain what you've learned. Get something wrong? Don't worry, you'll come back to it later.

Interactive Words and Phrases

Didn't catch something? No problem. Listen to crystal-clear audio for every word, or listen to the whole phrase at a conversational pace. You’ll be able to perfect your accent in no time.

Pronunciation helpers

Phonetic popups help you tune your pronunciation with amazing precision. Even the most difficult-to-pronounce words can be mastered with ease.

Voice Comparison

You can record your speech and compare it to audio from a native speaker to hear exactly how to tune in your accent. You'll be ready for the real thing in no time.

Semantic color mapping

Color mapping quickly reveals the relationship between your native language and your target language, giving you insight into the grammar and expressive mechanics of your new language.

Understood and literal meanings

Get a better understanding of your new language by learning both understood and literal meanings. For example, the literal meaning of “How are you?“ is “How your things?“ in Russian.


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