Mango Classroom

The award-winning language-learning resource that rapidly builds speaking skills.


Built for students and language educators

A diverse campus means navigating various language and culture circumstances. Conversational language-training provides support for various campus activities, programs, and initiatives: 

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Teaching Tools

Your 24/7 teaching assistant, Mango Classroom’s built-in tools help organize classes, activities, and assessments, as well as encourage family participation and student engagement.


Upload student lists and organize classes to track progress, follow engagement, and review automatically graded assessments.



Course Guides, Teacher Lesson Plans, and Student Workbooks sync any curricula structure with Mango learning content.


Lesson Deep Linking

Easily direct students to specific lessons for reference, review, and homework through your LMS.


Quizzes and Assessments

Automatically graded exercises for immediate feedback and review.

Administrative Tools

From implementation to graduation, we’ve got you covered.


Engagement Stats and Progress Tracking

Each individual profile tracks learner’s progress, keeping students, instructors, and admins on top of usage.


Mango Administration Portal

Upload and authenticate students, track real-time progress, and access overall organization usage.


Mango's Implementation Process

Our consultative approach is designed to provide the flexibility necessary to successfully implement the learning system into any classroom.


Ongoing Support and Training

Regular check-ins ensure Mango Classroom is being used to its full capacity and that learning goals are met and/or exceeded.

Tools to Increase Engagement

Set a new standard.


Family Profiles

Engage a broader support community with five additional learning profiles per student.


Mango Movies

Enjoy hours of authentic content through a collection of world films for an immersive learning experience.


Mobile Apps

Access free iOS and Android mobile apps that encourage students to continue learning beyond the classroom.


Mango Market

Download, order, and ship custom promotional materials to encourage language learning at your school.

Features Provided to Higher-Ed

Mango Classroom for K-12 Educators
Mango Classroom for Academic Educators
All Languages and Units
Course Guides
Lesson Deep Linking
Quizzes & Assessments
Engagement Tracking
Mango Admin Portal
Mango Market
Customer Advocates
Family Profiles
Mango Movies
Mobile Apps

For a complete list of our Higher Education courses, including available content and career-relevant Specialty Courses, take a look at our Higher-Ed Language Course matrix.

Results you will see and hear for yourself.

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Featured Customer Story

Cornerstone University

Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Pasquale, an innovative linguistics professor at Cornerstone University, worked with the language department to develop a curriculum around Mango Classroom.

When it was announced that Mango would continue to be the designated tool for their Language in Culture course, the students actually applauded.

“I want to see [the students] have immediate success. After a few seconds [with Mango], you’re actually speaking.”

Inspire your students to reach their full potential.