Mango is my ace in the hole!

“A strong promotional tool for my library because it’s fun, inviting and useful. As a former language teacher myself, I’ve been extremely impressed with its methodology. Mango staff go above and beyond in working with us to make sure our needs are met — and the free promotional resources are fantastic!”

Scott Cohen - Instructor

Jackson State Community College

What an awesome resource!

“Thank you [for] giving students the opportunity to learn another language. I also use Rosetta Stone but I would recommend Mango over Rosetta Stone any day. I am planning on studying abroad next spring and I am excited to get a kick start on a new language before I arrive in Russia.”

Courtney Kauffman - Student

Western State Colorado University

Making language learning part of campus life.

“Mango Languages, in use at Troy University since 2008, has helped bridge the gap to give hundreds of international students access to an English language learning resource they can use as needed, and prepare students and professionals for international travel. As Mango is accessible over the internet, users can log in and practice from home, using their computers, tablets or the iPhone and Android apps- giving them the ability to practice and improve their skills on their own time.”

Troy University Libraries

Global vision, global resources.

“With students traveling across the world for mission trips, including many to countries speaking less commonly taught languages, Mango Languages at Hope allows for the university to support students and provide them the resources they need. Mango gives these students a way to practice their spoken English and refine their skills, as well as adding helpful cultural tips and advice, that make their transition to an American university as smooth as possible.”

Hope International University

Fun and effective.

“I have tried many times to learn languages using different systems, but when I use Mango I remember words and how sentences are structured, it has made learning languages more fun than I thought it could be!”

Victoria Lewelling - Student

Texas Tech University

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