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Mango for K-12

Learn how Mango Classroom helps educators create high-performing language programs. Schedule time to chat with a K-12 specialist today.

Empowering teachers and students

Mango Classroom is the digital language-learning system designed to boost student achievement. Peruse and download the resources below to learn more.

Mango Classroom

How is Mango Used for K12

Curious to know how other schools have used Mango? Check out the many ways Mango has been successfully integrated into curricula across the country.

Mango Proficiency Scale

Mango’s top 10 most popular courses are mapped to align favorably to national and internationally recognized proficiency standards.

Mango's Best Practice Plans

Teachers get more perks with Mango Classroom! Subscribers get access to Mango’s Guide to Best Practice Plans contains 101 lesson plans created by teachers and linguists to support language classroom curriculums.

Our Approach to Second Language Acquisition

Get the details of Mango’s approach to second language acquisition to learn exactly what makes Mango successful for World Language students.

Mango Classroom for EL

How is Mango Used in the K-12 EL Classroom?

See why K-12 loves Mango Classroom for English learners.

Mango for English learners

Mango helps newcomers strengthen their social language skills using our methodology, intuitive language construction. Download to learn more.

Success Stories

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School used ESSER funding to purchase Mango for their growing EL population after being highly requested from teachers. The impact exceeded their expectations.

Dennis Township

See how Dennis Township School District utilized Mango Languages to boost student confidence and language skills.

Hoboken High

With Mango Classroom, Hoboken High School was able to increase student participation and confidence. Download now to see how.

Lighthouse Christian

Lighthouse Christian School empowered students to develop core language skills through self-directed, blended learning with Mango.


ESSER Funding

What is ARP ESSER? A great way to leverage funding from your state to support world language and English learners. Download to learn more.

Avoid the RFP Process with PCA

Streamline the procurement process by purchasing Mango through the Purchasing Cooperative of America. Download now to see how!

Mango Implementation Process

Mango is more than a vendor, we’re your partner. Download to see how the Mango implementation process works.

How To Add Family Profiles

Each Mango profile comes with 5 Family Profiles, so students can bring the learning home. Download to learn more about Family Profiles.

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