What resources best support EL newcomers and their families?

Mango Classroom is the award-winning language learning solution that rapidly builds students’ speaking and listening skills along with their confidence. It also empowers teachers to support newcomers in the classroom.

Mango teaches English using conversation-based lessons that are engaging, self-paced, interactive, and designed to meet students’ individual learning needs. Learners gain the confidence they need to communicate in both academic and social settings.


What resources best support EL newcomers and their families?

Students can access the Mango Languages web-based software or app any time, anywhere on PC or Mac computers and the app on Apple or Android devices.

Seamless classroom implementation

Mango’s Classroom Guides provide lesson plans and student activities, making it seamless to implement Mango into the classroom.

Track Progress with Ease

Educators can track progress using the teacher dashboard. This helps identify gaps in learning and informs instruction to promote academic progress and success. Stakeholders can use the Administrator Reporting Dashboard to view reports at the student, classroom, school, and district level.

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Empower ELs to speak with confidence

Web-based & Mobile Apps

Engage ELs inside and outside the classroom.

Pronunciation Aids

Color-coded pronunciation aids help students sound out difficult words and phrases at both carefully articulated and conversational speeds.

Record Your Voice

Students can record and compare their pronunciation with native speaker audio

Gain Proficiency Aligned to Standards

Course curricula are built by our expert linguists to compare favorably to national proficiency standards.

Share Access with Families

With 5 additional learning profiles per student, friends and family can join the experience to encourage learning outside the classroom.

Curriculum Alignment

Resources teachers can use implement Mango Classroom in their classrooms seamlessly.

Access over 100 Lesson Plans

A digital collection of hands-on lesson plans designed by K-12 teachers and organized based on 6 common best-practice approaches.

Downloadable Student Workbooks

Chapter-based study material designed to reinforce course material. Including English for Spanish speakers. Workbooks include vocabulary, writing exercises and more.

Aligns with Bloom's Taxonomy and DOK

Our curriculum guides are designed by educators and align to Bloom’s Taxonomy tiers and Depth of Knowledge (DoK) levels.

Easy Integration into Curriculum

Mango is easy to integrate into and supplement existing curricula and can be utilized in designing new curricula.

Teaching Tools

Your 24/7 teaching assistant, Mango Classroom’s built-in tools help organize classes, activities, and assessments, as well as encourage family participation and student engagement.


Upload student lists and organize classes to track progress, follow engagement, and review automatically graded assessments.


Course Guides, Teacher Lesson Plans, and Student Workbooks sync any curricula structure with Mango learning content.

Lesson Deep Linking

Easily direct students to specific lessons for reference, review, and homework through your LMS.

Quizzes and Assessments

Automatically graded exercises for immediate feedback and review.

Administrator Dashboard

Seamlessly track progress at the student, classroom, school, and district level for total transparency.

Dedicated Mango Account Manager

Your account manager knows your account inside and out and is ready to support you, your colleagues, and your district’s language program goals.

IMS Global Certification for LTI Advantage Complete

IMS Global Certification for LTI Advantage Complete

Integrated with Clever and Classlink

Integrated with Clever and Classlink

Custom integration and assisted program roll-out

Integrate seamlessly with your language program with a comprehensive, custom-fit roll-out plan designed by your account manager.

Mango Classroom makes a difference

Clarion- Goldfield-Dows School District

When Clarion Goldfield Dows experienced a surge in their EL population, they integrated Mango into their language program. Within the first month, they saw a huge difference in student engagement and performance. Check out the whole story here.

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We haven't even had [Mango] a month yet and it's amazing how much my students have grown.

Olivia Huntley, Teacher at Clarion Goldfield Dows High School​

Access Funding for English Learner Programs

If your school or district is in need of a resource like Mango Classroom, your language-learning programs qualify for thousands of dollars per student through relief funding.

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School purchased Mango Classroom using relief funding meant to help schools adapt to interruptions in education brought on by the pandemic.

We can help. Contact us to receive exclusive access to our experts, experience, and resources that have helped other schools secure funding and make long-term impacts on their EL programs.

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