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Improve student outcomes by creating a rich, rigorous language program with Mango

Meet Mango Classroom

Mango Classroom was designed by linguists & teachers and built on our proven, research-based methodology to provide equitable access to a rigorous education for both World Language and English Learners.

Built to get students speaking

  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Curriculum Guides
  • Teacher Dashboard
  • Administrator Dashboard

Web & Mobile Apps

Get students excited about learning inside and outside the classroom with our interactive desktop and mobile apps.

Pronunciation Aids

Students learn to speak their target language like a local via color-coded audio pronunciation aids that help them sound out difficult words and phrases.

Native Speaker Audio

Students can record themselves speaking and compare in real time to native speakers, ensuring correct pronunciation even if their teacher doesn’t speak the target language.

Compares Favorably to Proficiency Standards

Course curricula are built by our expert linguists to compare favorably to national proficiency standards such as ACTFL.

Family Profiles

With 5 additional Family Profiles for each student, learners can invite family members to sharpen their language skills, empowering EL parents to become teaching and learning partners.

Curriculum Guides

Every resource teachers need to implement Mango Classroom with our curriculum guides.

Guide to Best Practices with 101 Lesson Plans

A collection of 101 hands-on lesson plans for the classroom that are organized based on 6 best-practice approaches to in-classroom learning.

Student Workbooks

Chapter-based study material designed to reinforce course material. Workbooks include vocabulary, writing exercises and more.

Aligns with Bloom's Taxonomy and DOK

Our curriculum guides are designed by former teachers and align to Bloom’s Taxonomy tiers and Depth of Knowledge (DoK) levels.

Easy Integration Into Curriculum

Mango is easy to integrate into existing curricula, and can be utilized in designing new curricula.

Teacher Dashboard

Educators can use the dashboard to see students’ Mango test scores and easily track progress.

Auto-Graded Tests

Mango assessments are automatically graded and reported back to teachers—a great way to create more time for building lesson plans and giving students more individualized attention.

Pre and Post Assessment Scores

Each unit provides pre- and post-unit assessments, helping teachers gauge where students are excelling, and where they need more work.

Lesson Deep Linking

Deep-link to specific lesson plans within a course, making it easy to supplement existing lesson plans with Mango.

Usage Tracking

See student scores and track progress within the Teacher Dashboard to identify gaps in learning and ensure successful outcomes.

Administrator Dashboard

Seamlessly track progress at the student, classroom, school, and district level for total transparency.

Dedicated Mango Account Manager

Your account manager knows your account inside and out and is ready to support you, your colleagues, and your district’s language program goals. 

IMS Global Certification for LTI Advantage Complete

Certified LTI Advantage Complete, supporting seamless integrations with other ed-tech programs.

Integrated with Clever and Classlink

Integrated with Clever and Classlink, with new partnerships on the way.

Custom integration and assisted program roll-out

Tailor Mango to integrate seamlessly with your language program, and get a comprehensive roll out plan designed by your account manager.

Interested in Mango? Ray is here to help.

Whether you want to support your English Learners or bolster your world language program, Ray Gosha is here to help. Ray can answer your questions about Mango Classroom, how to apply funding and grants toward your Mango purchase, and more.


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Mango Classroom makes a difference

Clarion Goldfield Dows School District

When Clarion Goldfield Dows experienced a surge in their EL population, they integrated Mango into their program to help. Within the first month, they saw a huge difference in student engagement and performance. Check out the whole story here.

We haven't even had [Mango] a month yet and it's amazing how much my students have grown.

Olivia Huntley, Teacher at Clarion Goldfield Dows High School​


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