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Around A Small Mountain Cover Art

Around a Small Mountain


Age 8+


From legendary director Jacques Rivette (Va Savoir, The Duchess of Langeais) comes a tale of lost love, chance encounters and the transformative power of art. On a winding mountain road, Vittorio stops to help Kate, whose car has broken down. After gallantly making the repair, without a single word spoken, he speeds off. When their paths cross again, Vittorio learns that Kate has returned to join her family’s travelling circus after leaving under mysterious conditions many years ago. Intrigued by her story, Vittorio stays for the show, and the next one, and little by little, is ingratiated into the circus and the lives of its performers – all the while trying to discover the secret that led to Kate’s sudden departure.

Film Contains:

Minor use of mature language, Mild use of violence, and Minimal use or mention of drugs and alcohol