Learn Whale -- just kiddin'

April fools!

Just kidding — we aren’t releasing a Whale language course any time soon. However, we do have some other great courses for whale enthusiasts.

Dive into our whale-friendly language courses for smoother sailing at some of the top whale watching spots around the world!

Badge french canadian

French (Canadian)

for watching blue, humpback, and beluga whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Québec

Badge icelandic


for watching humpback whales in the Westfjords

Badge tamil


for watching blue, sperm, and humpback whales along the coast of Sri Lanka

Badge spanish

Spanish (Latin American)

for watching gray whales in Baja California, Mexico

Badge scottish gaelic

Scottish Gaelic

for watching minke whales at the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Or keep your feet on solid ground and choose from over 70 other language courses!