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A Mango holding a book.

Public Libraries

Orange Manguito wearing glasses.

Higher Education

Green Mango in a suit.


Manguito Family of four.


Green mango in a suit.

Global Mobility

Three manguitos standing together in a group.

K-12 Schools

Mango reading a book.


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Text Talk

Text Talk

Latin America has many wonderful experiences to offer; from the tropical paradises of Costa Rica and Ecuador to the gorgeous and sweeping vistas of Chile and Argentina—Spanish is the language that binds all these amazing places together. Imagine hiking amongst ancient Incan ruins in Peru or spending an evening dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires.

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Text Talk

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Text Talk

    Text Talk

    Text Talk

    • Ask if Someone Wants to Go Out
    • Ask What Someone is Doing
    • Express Affection
    • Kid Around
    • Plead With Someone
    • Negate a Statement
    • Recognize Grammatical Formality
    • Use the Simple Present Tense