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A Mango holding a book.

Public Libraries

Orange Manguito wearing glasses.

Higher Education

Green Mango in a suit.


Manguito Family of four.


Green mango in a suit.

Global Mobility

Three manguitos standing together in a group.

K-12 Schools

Mango reading a book.


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Spanish for Librarians

Spanish for Librarians

Latin America has many wonderful experiences to offer; from the tropical paradises of Costa Rica and Ecuador to the gorgeous and sweeping vistas of Chile and Argentina—Spanish is the language that binds all these amazing places together. Imagine hiking amongst ancient Incan ruins in Peru or spending an evening dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires.

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Learn Through Conversations

At the Library

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Obtaining a Library Card

    At the Library

    Obtaining a Library Card

    • Express Gratitude
    • Form Questions
    • Greet People
    • Offer and Request Help
    • Be Introduced to Gender Agreement
    • Be Introduced to Personal Pronoun Clitics
    • Be Introduced to Reflexive Verbs
    • Learn the 1st Person & 2nd Person (Formal & Informal) Possessive Pronouns
    • Use the Formal and Informal 2nd Person Personal Pronouns
  • Help at the Reference Desk

    At the Library

    Help at the Reference Desk

    • Ask the Location of Something
    • Give Simple Directions
    • Understand Simple Requests
    • Be Intoduced to Number Agreement of Articles
    • Learn Plural Formation of Nouns
    • Use the 3rd Person of the Verb estar
    • Use the Plural Form of the Verbs tener and estar
  • Accessing Resources

    At the Library

    Accessing Resources

    • Inform and Ask About Library Materials
    • Inform and Ask About Obtaining Access to Online Resources
    • Talk About Basic Technology
    • Learn the Many Uses of Qué
    • Practice the Subjunctive Form
    • Recognize Gender Agreement of Indefinite Articles
    • Use the Impersonal Pronoun Clitic Lo
  • What Activities are Happening at the Library?

    At the Library

    What Activities are Happening at the Library?

    • Ask / Tell About Library Activities
    • Ask / Tell About the Weekly Schedules
    • Refer to Different Age Groups
    • Apply Gender Agreement of Modifiers
    • Differentiate Between the Two "To Be" Verbs: Ser and Estar
    • Recognize Verb Subject Agreement
    • Say the Days of the Week
    • Understand the Multiple Meanings of Para
  • Job Search

    At the Library

    Job Search

    • Ask for Help
    • Discuss How to Apply for a Job
    • Talk About Job Search Options
    • Recognize and Use the Contraction al
    • Understand Object Pronoun Movement
    • Use the 1st Person Future Tense
    • Use the 2nd Person Future Tense