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A Mango holding a book.

Public Libraries

Orange Manguito wearing glasses.

Higher Education

Green Mango in a suit.


Manguito Family of four.


Green mango in a suit.

Global Mobility

Three manguitos standing together in a group.

K-12 Schools

Mango reading a book.


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Spanish for Librarians

Spanish for Librarians (Spanish, Latin American)

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Learn Through Conversations

At the Library

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Obtaining a Library Card

    At the Library

    Obtaining a Library Card

    • Express Gratitude
    • Form Questions
    • Greet People
    • Offer and Request Help
    • Be Introduced to Gender Agreement
    • Be Introduced to Personal Pronoun Clitics
    • Be Introduced to Reflexive Verbs
    • Learn the 1st Person & 2nd Person (Formal & Informal) Possessive Pronouns
    • Use the Formal and Informal 2nd Person Personal Pronouns
  • Help at the Reference Desk

    At the Library

    Help at the Reference Desk

    • Ask the Location of Something
    • Give Simple Directions
    • Understand Simple Requests
    • Be Intoduced to Number Agreement of Articles
    • Learn Plural Formation of Nouns
    • Use the 3rd Person of the Verb estar
    • Use the Plural Form of the Verbs tener and estar
  • Accessing Resources

    At the Library

    Accessing Resources

    • Inform and Ask About Library Materials
    • Inform and Ask About Obtaining Access to Online Resources
    • Talk About Basic Technology
    • Learn the Many Uses of Qué
    • Practice the Subjunctive Form
    • Recognize Gender Agreement of Indefinite Articles
    • Use the Impersonal Pronoun Clitic Lo
  • What Activities are Happening at the Library?

    At the Library

    What Activities are Happening at the Library?

    • Ask / Tell About Library Activities
    • Ask / Tell About the Weekly Schedules
    • Refer to Different Age Groups
    • Apply Gender Agreement of Modifiers
    • Differentiate Between the Two "To Be" Verbs: Ser and Estar
    • Recognize Verb Subject Agreement
    • Say the Days of the Week
    • Understand the Multiple Meanings of Para
  • Job Search

    At the Library

    Job Search

    • Ask for Help
    • Discuss How to Apply for a Job
    • Talk About Job Search Options
    • Recognize and Use the Contraction al
    • Understand Object Pronoun Movement
    • Use the 1st Person Future Tense
    • Use the 2nd Person Future Tense