In Shanghai, the new and the old, the bustling and the serene come together to create the perfect paradox. An exotic, awe-inducing destination, China’s largest city has something for everyone. Catch a fast ride on the Shanghai Maglev, soak up floral aromas at the Yùyuán Gardens, or slip back in time at the City God Temple in Old Town. Steeped in history, Shanghai has been the cultural and economic hub of East Asia for centuries. Each city street is its own page in the rich and varied story of Shanghai. Discover the birthplace of cinema, explore ancient artifacts at the Museum of Art, or take a tour of some of the world’s finest Art Deco architecture. A tourist’s dream getaway, Shanghainese will connect you with the area’s 14 million speakers. The hardest decision you’ll make is whether to order Shanghai maoxie (Shanghai hairy crab) or Congshao crucian carp at dinner.

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Learn Through Conversations

Chapter 1: Greetings and Introductions

Conversational Goals

  • Ask What Nationality Someone Is
  • Greet and Say Goodbye
  • Make Introductions and Ask Someone's Name
  • Respond to Introductions

Grammar Goals

  • Form Interrogative Sentences
  • Learn Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives
  • Negate Sentences With
  • Use 人 to Form Nationality Names

Chapter 2: Eating Out

Conversational Goals

  • Ask for the Check
  • Express and Respond to Gratitude
  • Order Drinks and Meals
  • Understand Common Phrases Used in Restaurants
  • Understand Shanghainese Food Culture

Grammar Goals

  • Form Sentences with Serial Verb Phrases
  • Use 汁 to Create Words for Drinks
  • Use 请 to Form Polite Phrases

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