Scottish Gaelic

World class beaches, stunning vistas, ragged mountains, rich wildlife, and lush, verdant pastures are perfectly balanced in this hiker’s paradise. Whether you are on a single-lane road overlooking hundreds of kilometers of perfectly clean beaches, or watching the Northern lights from the parapet of an ancient castle, this land offers unparalleled enchantments for the eager traveler. When you raise a glass with your host, you will say Mòran taing! (Many thanks!) for the incredible hospitality and stunning beauty of this country.

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Learn Through Conversations

The Basics

Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Salutations and Small Talk

    The Basics

    Salutations and Small Talk

    • Express Gratitude
    • Greet People
    • Make Small Talk With Strangers
    • Say Goodbye
    • Form Adverbs In Gu
    • Apply the Basic Word Order
    • Discover Gender and How It Affects Adjectives
    • Understand the Difference Between Thu and Sibh
    • Use the Verb Bi and Constructions With Ann
  • Languages and Origins

    The Basics

    Languages and Origins

    • Ask and Tell If Someone Speaks A Language
    • Ask and Tell If Someone Understands
    • Ask and Tell Where Someone is From
    • Get Someone's Attention
    • Be Introduced to Prepositional Pronouns
    • Be Introduced to the Verbal Noun Construction
    • Learn How To Use 'S Ann For Emphasis
    • Learn the Question and Negative Forms of Tha
    • Practice Saying "Yes" and "No"
  • Names and Introductions

    The Basics

    Names and Introductions

    • Ask Someone's Name
    • Become Familiar with Names
    • Introduce Yourself or Another Person
    • Respond to Introductions and Welcome People
    • Say That You Are Not Someone or Something
    • Be Introduced to Emphatic Particles
    • Be Introduced to the Copula Is
    • Learn About Ann An
    • Learn How to Use the Vocative Case
    • Practice Talking About Possession
  • Places and Directions

    The Basics

    Places and Directions

    • Ask For Directions
    • Get Help Finding Places Using a Map
    • Identify Important Places and Facilities
    • Understand Directions As They Are Given To You
    • Be Introduced to the Prepositional Case
    • Learn About Demonstratives And Adverbs of Direction
    • Learn Different Forms of the Article
    • Learn How To Form the Imperative of Verbs
  • Currency and Counting

    The Basics

    Currency and Counting

    • Count Up To 100
    • Deal With Currency
    • Negotiate Basic Transactions at Stores
    • Express "To Have" With The Preposition Aig
    • Get Some Practice With Plurals
    • Learn About Fear and Meaning "One"
    • Learn the Conditional of Is
    • Use The Future Tense
  • Food and Drink Culture

    The Basics

    Food and Drink Culture

    • Gain Insight into the Food Culture
    • Order Drinks and Meals
    • Understand Common Phrases Used at Restaurants
    • Be Introduced to the Past Tense
    • Become Familiar With the Present Habitual Tense
    • Get Some Practice Using Verbal Nouns
    • Learn Some Idiomatic Prepositional Phrases
  • Transportation and Payment

    The Basics

    Transportation and Payment

    • Ask About the Availability of Buses and Ferries
    • Ask and Tell Whether One Can Use Something
    • Pay Fares and Buy Tickets
    • Use Taxis and Public Transport
    • Be Introduced to the Genitive Case
    • Become Familiar With the Impersonal Verb
    • Learn The Negative Interrogative Particle Nach
    • Learn to Use the Modal Verbs Faod and Feum
  • Help and Requests

    The Basics

    Help and Requests

    • Accept or Decline Help
    • Ask For or Offer Help
    • Ask or Tell What Trouble One Is In
    • Gain Knowledge of Emergency Services
    • Discover More About Possessive Adjectives
    • Get Some Practice Using the Genitive Case
    • Learn How to Form the Past Passive with Rach
    • Learn More Idioms with Air
    • Practice the Past Tense of Verbs
  • Clarification and Explanation

    The Basics

    Clarification and Explanation

    • Ask and Answer What a Word or Phrase Means
    • Communicate One's Ability to Understand Something
    • Request to Repeat, Slow Down or Speak Up
    • Be Introduced to the Informal Second Person Pronoun
    • Learn How To Use Pronoun Objects
    • Learn More Imperative Forms
  • Compliments and Corrections

    The Basics

    Compliments and Corrections

    • Ask and Tell How One's Performance Is
    • Give and Respond to a Compliment
    • Talk About Learning Gaelic
    • Tell Someone That You Are Learning Something
    • Form The Perfect Tense
    • Learn About Adjectives That Precede The Noun
    • Learn How to Use Airson with the Verbal Noun
    • Practice Using the Verbal Noun as a Noun
    • Use Definite Objects with the Verbal Noun