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From the “Abode of Peace” Brunei to the ultra-modern paradise of Singapore, Malay is spoken over a large area of southeast Asia. Learning this fascinating tongue gives you limitless conversational possibilities with nearly 180 million people! Start learning Malay today, and in a short time you could be jetting around to exotic locales such as Malaysia, Sumatra, and even parts of Thailand and the Philippines.

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Learn Through Conversations


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • Who Are You?


    Who Are You?

    • Greet others and bid them farewell
    • Introduce yourself
    • Meet new people
    • Apply the 1st and 2nd person pronouns saya and kamu
    • Identify subject pronouns
    • Identify the 5Ws in conversation
    • Introduce yourself by using Nama saya.... or Saya ...
    • Recognize the order of nouns and possessive pronouns in a sentence
  • Our Family


    Our Family

    • Ask questions regarding familial relationships
    • Describe someone in relation to family members
    • Introduce someone else
    • Apply the 3rd person pronoun: dia
    • Identify closed question formation ie. kamu ada adik lelaki?
    • Understand how to use "also" juga in a closed question
    • Use "here" di sini and "there" di situ
  • Getting to Know You


    Getting to Know You

    • Articulate feelings
    • Describe physical characteristics
    • Express interest
    • Inquire about a stranger
    • Identify a clue word that indicates future tense: akan
    • Understand how to use preposition of movement: "for" untuk
    • Use stative verbs to express thoughts ie. rasa and ingin
  • There’s No Place Like Home


    There’s No Place Like Home

    • Explain that you are a non-native speaker
    • Identify languages and countries
    • Inquire about someone’s ability to speak a language
    • Say where you are from
    • Understand how to use the preposition of place ie. "from" dari
    • Use the present continuous tense
    • Use the relative pronoun yang to describe more about people or things
  • Where Did You Go to School?


    Where Did You Go to School?

    • Discuss the merits of a school
    • Inquire about programs
    • Form simple object questions using Apa or Apakah
    • Identify the determiner "that" itu and understand its usage
    • Refer to specific places using the preposition "at": di
    • Use quantifiers


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • “How do you say….?”


    “How do you say….?”

    • Ask for clarification
    • Provide and obtain new information
    • Request new vocabulary
    • Refer to "a person" with the quantifier seorang
    • Seek assistance from others by asking Bolehkah...? - "Can...?" and Sila - "Please"
  • Haggling and Money


    Haggling and Money

    • Ask the price for something
    • Buy a ticket for travel
    • Count
    • Negotiate
    • Understand number formation from zero to one million
    • Understand passive voice
  • In My Closet


    In My Closet

    • Express future plans
    • Identify various articles of clothing
    • Question statements made by others
    • Apply the conjunction "and" - dan
    • Recognize root words and their inflected forms
  • Shop til you Drop


    Shop til you Drop

    • Acquire necessities
    • Find places to shop
    • Gather information from a native speaker
    • Inquire about shops in the local area
    • Apply prepositions of place
    • Understand the usage of the pronoun nya
  • X Marks the Spot


    X Marks the Spot

    • Ask for and receive directions
    • Describe the location of one object in relation to another
    • Identify the determiner "this" ini and understand its usage
    • Identify the prefix ber
    • Understand imperative sentences
    • Use the 3rd person pronoun ia


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.


Click a topic below to see the grammar goals and conversational goals for each chapter.

  • I Don’t Feel Well


    I Don’t Feel Well

    • Ask for medication
    • Describe symptoms
    • Speak to a pharmacist
    • Form simple sentences with one subject and predicate
    • Understand and build noun phrases
  • Let's Eat


    Let's Eat

    • Identify items on the dinner table
    • Offer assistance
    • Order a meal
    • Understand the customs of local dining
    • Ask direct question using "May I..."
    • Recognize different quantifiers used for drinks
    • Use informal 2nd person pronoun kau in speech
  • I Can’t Eat That


    I Can’t Eat That

    • Explain that you require a special diet
    • Give compliments
    • Reference senses
    • Express an intense situation using the adverb "very" sangat
    • Tell others about yourself using "I am a..." saya seorang...
  • Help!



    • Ask questions
    • Declare that a problem exists
    • State that you do not know something
    • Identify clue words that indicate past tense ie. tadi
    • Understand the structure of compound sentences using the conjuntion "and" dan
  • What is Your Emergency?


    What is Your Emergency?

    • Answer questions
    • Request emergency aid
    • Make use of inflected verbs with prefix me in speech
    • Understand that verbs with prefix ter can also mean unintentional action