Medical Spanish

Learn to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients or their families with lessons on discussing diseases, explaining possible side effects, and giving dosage instructions.

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Learn Through Conversations

Chapter 1: Diabetes

Conversational Goals

  • Discuss Complications From Diabetes
  • Discuss Diabetes Prevention
  • Explain Diabetes

Grammar Goals

  • Differentiate Between the Two Forms of "To Be"
  • Learn the Direct Object Pronouns: lo and la
  • Learn the Formal and Informal 2nd Person Personal Pronouns
  • Recognize Gender Agreement
  • Recognize Number Agreement

Chapter 2: Medication and Dosage

Conversational Goals

  • Discuss Possible Side Effects
  • Explain Dosing Instructions
  • Talk About Risks and Benefits of a Medication

Grammar Goals

  • Learn the Formal Imperative Verb Formation Pattern
  • Recognize Attached Personal Pronoun Clitics
  • Reinforce the Gendered Direct Object Pronouns
  • Translate English Gerunds Using Infinitives

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